Thursday, March 27, 2014

There were NO eligibel guy’s at the Museum

Was this ice cream a la mode? No wonder Ellen is worried about tuchus expansion--she was warned last time by a well-wisher that no, such a dessert would absolutely not be "ok," but now ELLENWatcher Tina is chimeing in saying whatever. 

Desappointing, obviously, that no future husband turned up at the museum. You'd think that with Myrna accompanying, they'd at least get a few prospects? Anyway, I don't think we should be so quick to write off the planeatarium. Dark, enclosed spaces allowing one to gaze up wistfully have set the scene for many a marriage proposal!

Yay! I love Tahari, but b/c of my tuchus, size 4 works for me now. I am thinkeing tho, that dad is right– that if I start buying size 4′s that I will NEVER go back to my size 2′s, and that would mean giveing in to my tuchus, dad says. Dad make’s alot of sense, but it is NOT him walkeing his tuchus off to fit into a size 2, it is me– and I thought that if I DO get some size 4′s that I would be abel to use these in a PINCH, when the size 2′s feel to small b/c of my tuchus, which dad call’s OVERSTUFFED. FOOEY on dad for compareing my tuchus to an overstuffed chair!
Myrna and I saw alot of dinasaur’s at the Museum over the weekend and she took picture’s but I am NOT sure she should of, b/c the guard skowled at her for doing it even tho she onley used an IPHONE!
There were NO eligibel guy’s at the Museum tho. I did NOT want to go to the planeatarium b/c I did NOT want to have to go in the dark and look up. FOOEY!
We did have ice cream at their food court and it was VERY good. Myrna also had a little pasta, but her tuchus is alot smaller then mine. She said she would go back with me again soon. YAY!!!!
  • Go with the size 4, and to heck with your dad and his tuchus comments. You have to be comfortable, and not worry about it.


  1. If she wants a guy, she needs to be more deferential and stop the pie eating, as guys won't marry a tuchus after boinking her. Myrna is younger and athletic. She is fast becoming her mom (who she forgets is married)!

    1. Just because there were no decent guys at the museum does not mean Ellen has to give up what she likes and start being deferential to men. Who do you expect would be at the museum on a weekend? Mostly gay guys. Those are not the ones that even speak with Ellen, let alone date her. Ellen should only be deferential until she hooks the right guy, then all bets are off. I think Ellen's mom did this to hook her dad, then let herself go to the point that she eats and has the huge tuchus she has now. I think this is also why Ellen's dad presses Ellen to keep her tuchus size down -- to hook a guy. Once he's hooked, dad is off the hook, so to speak and can move on. I think Dad might wish that he was with one of the many slim women he bedded while overseas, but he was bambooozled by mom, who fed him such good food that he did not care about bedding women as long as his stomach was taken care of. Some part of him still revels in his wartime escapades, and the seeds he likely sowed among the fresh faced European women he bedded. That is also why from time to time I think he looks at his own wife with disdain. What do others here think?