Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[Interjecktion: WHAT Prince Harry is lookeing for]

I'm reading rumors that Prince Harry is engaged, and I just have to point out that the lucky lady is a whimsical blonde who almost always wears a scrunchie. Ellen has certainly expressed interest in a man who pretty much has the financial aspect of things locked down, so perhaps she sold herself short here.

But, you say, she never did like Sam's British accent! I suspect it has a certain vegan/nose-picking inflection that Harry's does not. 

Ah well. At least I feel a little more vindicated in my own scrunchie collection. You really can't beat them for avoiding breakage and bending!


  1. Great thought, but I thought she was repulsed by Sam's uncircumcised weenie? Do we know whether Harry had a bris? I'm sure there are women in the UK with first hand knowledge. Ladies?

  2. Harry is going to marry a girl who wears a scrunchie? Never. He has his pick of women, and we would need to see a picture first.

    1. There are pics of her, but she's not as pretty as Harry should be able to have as prince.