Thursday, October 31, 2013

a probelem in the makeing

This sound’s like a probelem in the makeing, and I wish you the best of luck, and hug’s. I think this is about the one thing that I did NOT anticipate before when I am considering HUSBAND’s. What about the mother? Most guy’s that just want sex usueally are not momma’s boy’s so I never had this issue, but now that I am lookeing for a guy who is supportive, I think there is a chance he will be more likely to be BEHOLDEN to his mother, and I do NOT want to have to have her in the picuture 24/7 10 year’s down the road. FOOEY! I have my own mom that I will need to deal with if she get’s needy, so why would I need 2?
For now, all is well and I hope dad will be around forever, but men do NOT live as long as we do so I have to plan for the INEVIETIABLE. FOOEY! Beside’s I rely on dad for all thing’s financial, and would NEVER want mom to have to guide me on all of the fineances that dad does for me. By then I have to be married with my own guy to do the heavy lifteing for me in the finance area. YAY!!!
So for the OP, I suggest you tell DH now that he can be freindly to mom at work, but when he comes in the door, he has to suport you and do thing’s for you, not talk to mom. Also, tell him that you are NOT goieng to like it if he has mom move in with you, or even nearby, b/c you will have your own mom to deal with, and she will have to come first. FOOEY! If you do this in a nice way, and are loveing to DH, he will go along. YAY!! Good luck and doubel hug’s to you!

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  1. Ellen sounds a wee bit too harsh because if it is a true partnership, what is good for the goose should be good for the gander, and she should not put her mother over his mother. Otherwise, I have no other comment.