Thursday, October 10, 2013


I don't know how Ellen is goeing to resolve this one, truly. Better ask Roberta WWRD?

Also, yes to nomienateing MP for Superlawyer's!!!  Feel free to draw heavily from this blog's archive while preparing the submission materials; I don't know where else MP's life and works have been more thoroughly developed. 

Yay! The teck guy fixed my Apple computer to work with the Firm’s LAN so I can return the manageing partner’s computer with the sticky key’s to him. I agree it would NOT look flatering on all of us who are NOT as svelte as the print show’s. All the dark area OUTSIDE of the light print is where peeople would say we need to loose pound’s! I don’t even think ROSA would be abel to get away with staying only within the print area, and she is super svelte. Of course, she has a personal trainer come in 3X a week to her house in Chapaqua to do toneing exercises, and she take’s a ZOOMBA class nearby. FOOEY! b/c all I have time to do is to use my FITBIT, and b/c of the rain, I had to take the subway into work today! DOUBEL FOOEY!
Grandma Leyeh is organizing a big spread for the relatives next week, but NOW I have a BIG DILLEMMA! The big dinner is the same nite that Willem invited me to the Barcleay’s Center. I have to ask the manageing partner what I should do. I do NOT want to bale on Willem now, b/c it is so close, but if I am to skip the big dinner, my family will be VERY mad, b/c many of the releatives, some from as far as Arizona, are comeing in for the big reunion. The one time I get a decent guy to invite me to a swanky affair at the Barcleay’s Center I have to deal with peeople from Budapest that I never knew existed before? Why does this ALWAYS have to hapen to me? I should be MARRIED already so I would NOT have to worry about these detail’s. That way, I could always say that I can/cannot make something b/c it conflict’s with something my HUSBAND already planned. FOOEY! If ONLEY I was ROSA, who use’s this line all the time blameing everything on Ed and his Company job. DOUBEL FOOEY!
The manageing partner keep’s showeing me the SUPERLAWYERS Magazine and this picture of some guy inside he went to law school with who look’s EXACTELEY LIKE A FROG. He is mad that he is a superlawyer and the manageing partner is not. Now he wants me to nominate him for next year’s magazaine. FOOEY!


  1. I have a copy of the Superlawyers Magazine and there are dozens of men in there who look like frogs! With this said, I think Ellen really wants a man, she should go around kissing all of these frogs, and perhaps one will magically turn into her prince in shining armor!

  2. Men lawyers do look like trolls, and are of use only in bed with us in control. Ellen should go with Willem, but not let him upstairs no matter how fancy the date is. The last thing she needs is to be sexual with a paying client. If the MP finds out, he will have her bill portal to portal, including the time and expense for the cleaning lady to launder the sheets!

    And I think Ellen's family, from the names, are descended from the line of white Russians, who were the upper crust in those days of yore. All these names have Scandinavian origins, which would explain the blond/blue look she and Rosa share.

    Ellen would be married from long, if she wasn't so high maintenance, bossy and opinionated. I'm pulling for her, but she's got to learn when to keep quiet and let her man call the shots.

  3. Someone needs to hump Ellen. Volunteers, fellas?

    1. Perhaps one or both of the relatives from Budapest will step up, but with no new posts here, how in the heckare we supposed to know what is happening?

      Where in the Blazes is Ellenwatch? Watching her tuchis? Certainly doing nothing to advance our understanding of what life in the big city for a professional woman is (and should be).

      If Ellenwatch is not going to post, I think that she should cede editorial authority over this site to someone who will keep up with Ellen.

      As a public service, here are a couple of old posts I turned up on Corporette from last week that has yet to appear here.


      Ellen :
      10/10/2013 at 4:20 pm
      If I do NOT become a JUDGE, after I have 2 kid’s I should be abel to work in house, mabye for a few year’s before I want to retire completely to a life of LEISURE! I can start working in house mabye 20 hours a week for a large salary b/c by then I will be a bona fide expert in alot more things then right now.

      Working for a boutique firm as I do is not as glamourous as peeople seem to think. I have the same issues as every other woman. Men stareing at me, ooogleing my body and makeing comments, and that does not even cover peeople outside the office. If I were in house, I would onley have to deal with the CEO, the CFO and the HR person, mabye. I could come and go as I pleased and would have the prestige of an executive bathroom rather then using the hallway where the janitor’s stare at me and walk in on me when I am useing the toilet. FOOEY!

      So for those who thought boutique law is so great, think again! YAY!!!!

      Ellen :
      10/10/2013 at 4:13 pm
      All of these comment’s about takeing depo’s are great, and I can NOT add alot to them. One thing NOT mentioned that I was told 3 thing’s by the manageing partner is — and this is a little bit sexist but onley applies to women like me when takeing the depo’s: These are that 1) when you are takeing the EBT of a man, wear nice clotheing that does NOT show anything, but can get him distracted enough so that mabye he will slip up; 2) The second rule is alway’s to schmoozze with both him and his legal counsil before the EBT, again to soften them up, and 3)the third rule is when you ask a question, look the deponent up and down (the way they do us on the street) and do NOT hesitate to cross and uncross our leg’s. Is this sexist? Of course, but does it work? Generaly yes, when you are dealing with a MAN. When you are deposeing a woman, another set of rules apply which center around 1) dressing very conserveatively, so as NOT to enrage the deponent or get them jelous that you are attractive; 2) always look them ONLEY in the eye — which can unnerve them and cause them to lose foccus, and 3) be courtyous to the woman when comeing in or leaveing, askeing her if she needs to use the ladie’s room, which you can show her.

      There are alot of EBT’s I’ve done where they have made enough mistakes that I was abel to get a quick setttelment from rather then goieng to trial. But the most important thing is to RELAX and realise that whatever you forget about you can always clean up at trial, if they want to get that far. Most of the plaintiff’s I deal with are men and they nearly all wind up setteleing. YAY!


  4. Still, no Ellenwatch? Look here--Ellen has gotten wiser in the absence of Ellenwatch! I hope she does not let either of these two relatives take advantage of her good will when they come to visit, tho she seems to be leaning now toward Willem and away from the Budapestians!


    Ellen :
    10/11/2013 at 10:18 am
    Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love Fruegel Friday’s and this dress, which I can go see at Lord and Taylor at lunch! Double Yay!

    As for the OP, There is NOTHING WRONG with being compleimentary, but mabye goeing from purse to scarf was enough, but talkeing about her boots might have gone a littel to far, makeing her think you were eye-ing her up and down sexueally. I am not judgemental, and even tho I would not do this as a heterosexueal girl, I do not judge anyone if they happen not to be heterosexual’s lke me.

    But generally, we have to do everything in moderation. If you see something good in someone or something, generaly say it, but with moderation. Of course if you see something bad, don’t alway’s say it. With YOU, it is not so bad if you just said you liked 1 thing or mabye 2 that she was weareing.

    Think of it like this. When a guy see’s me and wink’s, that is OK. Even if he come’s up and says something like “are you a model?” I can live with that. But if he wink’s, asks if I am a model and then goe’s on to tell me thing’s about HIS body, I say WHOA, FELLA, TO MUCH INFORMATION! You should be the same way with clotheing. Look, and like, but keep it to yourself if you are afreaid of goeing overboard and being creepy.

    I think I will go with Willem and not stiff him on the date to the Barclay’s center. Myrna said it would be bad at this point, and I can alway’s see my releatives from Budapest later. I just hope Grandma Leyeh will NOT REVOKE HER OFFER to give me $50,000 if I can be married and pregeant by Next year! FOOEY if she doe’s. AND DOUBEL FOOEY if I wind up haveing to nuzzzel up to a guy and it goe’s nowhere in time for the $50,000!

    Anonymous :
    10/11/2013 at 11:25 am
    Is it me or is Ellen getting like, really wise? Everything in moderation indeed.

    Senior Attorney :
    10/11/2013 at 11:30 am
    Not just you.

    cbackson :
    10/11/2013 at 12:36 pm
    Hey, I still point everyone back to the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when Ellen managed to be an excellent source of ways to donate/provide assistance and yet, still…Ellen.

    Unplumbed depths, that girl (?) has.

    Godzilla :
    10/11/2013 at 11:26 am
    Ellen, can we best friends? PUHLEEZ?????????

    TCFKAG :
    10/11/2013 at 8:10 pm
    You guise, Ellen gave me…. relevant and helpful advice. I AM SO HAPPY. EllenWatch – be aware.

    Thank you Ellen – I will try to make sure that all people I compliment do not think I am hitting on them, though this girl was VERY pretty. The managing partner would like her except her TUCCHUS is too small for his taste.


  5. More Ellen, less Ellenwatch! FOOEY! Why do I have to do this? Ellenwatch, we may put you on double secret probation if you don't get your tuchis moving and posting.

    Ellen :
    10/11/2013 at 2:24 pm
    Yay! Open thread’s. I love open thread’s!!!

    As for the OP, I have a great story about Alan. When I first met Alan, I was surprised by how bold he was. Most guys are a little shy to aproach me and talk to me, b/c they think I am NOT attaineable. Alan, who is a short guy, was very bold, even tho he was kind of schlumpey. He came right up to me and asked me out. I did NOT know how to take it, so I just said OK. I said he would need to be cleared by Dad first, so I told him he would have to meet Dad at my old apartement.

    When I told Dad about him, Dad did Not like the thought of me going out with a guy who was shorter then me (not to mention schlumpey). So when he met him, I think Alan must have said something good, b/c all of a sudden, a short schlumpey guy became an eligible batchelor that Dad needed to mold in order to be my HUSBAND. I think Dad was even more disapointed then me when we discovered Alan became alchoholic and perfered the bottel over me, but let me tell you, it was NOT dificult for him to engreatiate himself with the family. He knew all the lines and said all the right thing’s. It was ONLEY b/c he was with the bottel that I finaly had to say “NO MAS” to him.

    So for the OP, just make sure that if he is tryeing to make a good impression with your Cajun releatives, that he do some reading up on stuff they like; presumably they will want to hear that he like’s spicey food and gumbo and other thing’s that y’all eat down there. You should already have tuned him into this stuff. Make sure he does NOT play up NYCity or play down Louisiana, b/c those would be deal breaker’s for the releationship.

    I wish I had a guy now that I could bring home to the family but the picking’s are not as good for me, but we will have to see with the 3 guy’s I now am considering to be MY husband. YAY!!!!!!


    Ellen :
    10/12/2013 at 7:50 am
    Hugs but you need NOT worry! You have embarked on something new and it’s DIFFERENT from what you’ve ever done before.

    You need to remember that you are young with your WHOLE LIFE A HEAD OF YOU! That is exciting! But not worth looseing sleep over.

    When I first started out I had no job and. no boyfreind and after living in DC for many years, I decided to move TO NY CITY b/c it was where there were a lot of lawyer’s. I was anxius and scared I would not make it. But I worked hard and got the Manageing partner to let me litiegate cases no one else want to.

    Also haveing a boyfreind helped me realize there was more then work. Tho Alan drank, he focussed on me and made me think of thing’s other then work (which should ONLEY be on your mind from 9-5. When I left work I focussed on fun things and lived my life, b/c that was the point! Not thinking about work. And for what it’s worth, b/c Alan cared about ME, sex with Alan did realy take the edge off for me and helped me get great sleep at night.

    So if you do think a long these lines and do like me and learn not to be so sereius, it will all get better. Eventuealley we will all find guy’s who will want to have babies so they will MARRY us and then we will never have to work again! Yay!!!!!!!!!


    1. I am sorry you had to put up with Alan. Find a nice guy and marry him. A decent guy will surely give you what you need also.