Wednesday, October 30, 2013

His family lives in Bellgum!

More European lineage among Ellen's suitors, it seem's: this is the first I'd heard of Willem's background, and it certainly would be a long trip in context of just a few months of dateing (by then). 

Meanwhile, is anyone else noticing that YAY!!! is becoming less and less contextually determined? Sometimes I even judge that FOOEY would make more sense in its place, yet it's almost as if the two are interchangeable. The case in point here is on the last line--what's to YAY about? Not marrying someone who Dad wouldn't approve of? Is this just some kind of inflation effect?

...And evidently I've been mentioned on another Get Off My Internets forum. Welcome, newcomers! And thank's to all who have endorsed me so far! I don't know how established a blog has to be before earning its own snark on GOMI, but I dare say I'm safely far from such achievement. So I enjoy all crumbs thrown my way as consolation. 

Yay! This is fun. I normally go home and everyone START’s eateing as soon as we get there (about NOON). Mom bakes alot of nibbeling stuff, includeing potatoe’ pancake’s and finger food, but we do NOT sit down to a formal dinner until 3 b/c the kid’s are running around and everyone has to see dad’s new nicknack’s that he gets from his old military buddies that he keep’s in the GARAGE. So at 3, we start by sitteing down to dinner, and Mom has a 30 pound turkey cookeing all day, and dad carve’s it. Ed wanted to do that, but dad said NOT IN MY HOUSE, ED. So we eat from 3 until about 5, and then dad put’s on the basketball game (or football, I forget), and we all sit for an hour or two and then mom bring’s out the cake’s about 7 and we eat them with coffee until mabye 8:30, (I like the chocolate cake and the cheezecake’s she bake’s) and then Ed says he need’s to “hit the road” and then Rosa pack’s up the kids and they are off to Chapaqua.
I get to stay over b/c I do NOT want to be in the City on Friday — there are alot of sales at Rosevelt Field that mom goe’s to and dad grumbles b/c he knows that mom is goieng to spend alot of money.
Willem has been talkeing about inviteing me to go with him to his family’s house for the holiday’s but that is to soon. His family lives in Bellgum! If I went there I wonder if they would think that we were a couple? FOOEY! It is to early for that, but I do want the $50,000 from Grandma Leyeh, tho not necesarily from Willem. Dad would NOT be happy. YAY!


  1. Congratulations on getting cited on that Internet Blog, Ellenwatch, but I tried to follow your link, but could not get into the blog! It seems a tad weird that your link led us nowhere! Ellen should not go overseas with any guy she just met. I think that his parents might think they were doing the dirty deed together and put them in the same room (and bed) where it would become inevitable and uncomfortable for Ellen. No, we think she should stay her ground, and not even consider this invitation, as it is little more than a license for him to paw her relentlessly (or worse) under his parents' roof.

    1. I was not trying to waste your time, Sunshine. Sorry if they link didn't work--sometimes it doesn't. Go to Get Off My Internets and find the forum on Corporette (under fashion). I am mentioned on pp 4 and 5 as of now.