Sunday, October 6, 2013

he pay’s and it is the THIRD date

Of course. The only thing that surprizes me here is the 4" heels. I would have thought Ellen would do more like 2.5.

I do NOT know your body type, but if he is payeing, which he SHOULD be, and you are interested in him, you should wear a white silk cami (as shear as possibel) with either black or red jeggings and either 4″ black (or red) pump’s. YAY!
That outfit will surely keep him from lookeing at anyone else, but be careful b/c if you have a full meal, he pay’s and it is the THIRD date, and it’s friday, meaning you do NOT have to get up for work tomorrow, this is when he is goieng to move in fast back at your place. If you want him to, fine, but if not, do NOT wear this outfit!


  1. Ellenwatch, I do not think Ellen herself wears 4 inch heels; I just think she was telling the poster what it takes to ensure a guy looks only at your legs (and the rest of your body) on a date where she anticipates taking the guy home.

  2. Men should pay by the third date because they've usually copped more than a few feels by that time. I make men pay all the time, but do not have sex with them.