Monday, October 21, 2013

an interneational incident

Latest development's in the case of the missing undergarments. We actually don't know anything new from this, just that Mom is prepared to point fingers (though she may well have her own reasons for doing so, as highlighted below).

Other (previous) highlight: motive attributed to pantie thieves has gone from dressing up in drag to...providing American textiles to their best girls back home. If Ellen is going to be so devoid of suspicion, I can assume ELLENWatch commenter's will not. Remember, after all, that Igor and Oleg only had the opportunity to pick through her laundry in the first place because she made sure to have overnight guests (them) on the night she went out with Willem so that he couldn't insist on coming in. It's a fooey at every turn, I say-- avoiding one loss of virtue seems only to lead us into another. 

Yes, me too. I agree it is GREAT that you went to thereapy! DOUBEL KUDO’s to you. I spoke to my mom about the pantie’s and she suspects the releatives. Evidentley, many year’s ago dad went with her to Budapest and they stayed with the relative’s and when they were headeing out, Dad could NOT find mom’s duffel bag, which had alot of dirty clotheing. Everyone started lookeing around, and hour’s later, it turned up, but w/o alot of dad’s clotheing and mom’s stuff that was in the duffel bag. Mom think’s that they liked their clotheing so much they took it, but that was year’s ago, and I went with Igor and Oleg to H&M, Lord and Taylor’s and Macy’s and also Sak’s Fifth Avenue, so they sureley did NOT need to take my laundry to bring home to their relative’s or girlfreind’s. It was not even new OR clean for that matter. FOOEY! b/c now I am goeing to have to go out to Macy’s and spend mabye $50 on some replacement clotheing and the manageing partner will NOT reimburese me for any clotheing that he can NOT see. That include’s pantie’s, bra’s and stockeing’s. DOUBEL FOOEY! And mom want’s to tell dad about it because it is HIS side of the family, and mom is fed up with Grandma Leyeh saying his side of the family is desended from ROYALTY. Tripel FOOEY b/c I do NOT want to create an interneational incident. What about the hive? Has anyone ever had their releative’s take any of their clotheing, or is this just happeneing to me? OMG, what a NIGHTMARE! FOOEY!


  1. Ellen may be a bit naive, and this has come back to bite her (in the tuchis) with guys like Alan who used her and then dumped her. She needs to understand that men are generally out only for their own sexual satisfaction and need to be reigned in by women who should not give of themselves until they are assured they will not be hurt.

    We think you are doing a great job, Ellenwatch, but you should not encourage guys like Vinnie to pursue Tuchis, as we see below, because he will take it as a license to deceive. Otherwise, we follow your posts assiduously and are glad when you do not put up with Vinnie's gross outlook on women. We are far more than vassals to serve men like him.

  2. UGH, the Sunshine Girls again, maligning me again in writing. I, at least, at least have the dignity not to mention these pigs by name. They do not realize that what they are saying about me is not helpful to my reputation, but they should now see that I am taking the high ground with them. Unlike Ellen, I would never venture into the Southern Hemisphere with any of them (or any of their friends). Awful, men, awful.