Wednesday, October 9, 2013

his files got soiled when the Hurricane Sandy flooded the basement.

The ethics artistry at Manageing & MANAGEING LLP continues. I maintain that if Ellen post's publicly about plans to lie to auditors, we can only imageine what's going on in matters of higher import than CLE credits. And I will say again: it does not help that Dad is involved in the firm's strategic planning, partnership offers and possibly cross-town move. 

See highlight: Ellen does NOT forgive! 

I LOVE THIS DRESS, and as a littel girl I litterally grew up with the Flashdance look! YAY!!!! But so expensive? OMG, dad would be so mad!
As for the OP, I have NEVER officialley done sale’s (unless you agree litiegation is like sales), but the manageing partner told me that I could sell ICE CUBE’S to an Eskimo! So I think I can be of SOME ASISTANCE here. If you like dealing with peeople, then jump at the job. If you are to be paid based on the selleing that you do, then if your a hard worker, you can make alot of money, but if your lazy, dont even bother. Just stay and collect your salary. As for the relocation piece, figure out if you want to live there irregardeless of the amount of money you will be makeing. After all, all the money in the WORLD wont be worth much if you are stuck in a crummey place. FOOEY!
Right now I have to figure out how to collect alot of CLE certificeate’s before the Auditor comes over to Audit. One bright idea — he manageing partner said that I should send him to Frank, who is suposed to keep track of them for all of us. He then told Frank to tell the Auditor when he show’s up that his files got soiled when the Hurricane Sandy flooded the basement. I hope that will work (YAY for the Hurricane– at least it helps me now even if David did NOT back then. FOOEY ON CLE CERTIFICATE’s!


  1. We don't like what David did either. Plus he was playing the religion card with Dad. Fooey on that.