Monday, October 7, 2013

I could borrow someone’s CLE certificate’s until after the AUDIT

Somehow I don't think this plan is going to work, even coming from uber-compliance-mensch Frank. Good luck, Ellen! And by the way, don't think I don't see you doing yet another curlicue on the issue of whether you employee housekeeping assistance...

I should show this page to ROSA, but she does NOT work (outside the house, that is). Rosa has almost everything I want. A beautiful house in the country (Chapaqua), a doteing husband (ED), 2 beautiful children, and the life of liesure!!!! She has a cleaneing lady come in 2x a week and a live-in COOK-MAID-NANNY to take care of cookeing and baby things. Ed has a gardener come do the outside stuff, so all Rosa has to do is figure out what the kid’s have to wear when they go off to school. Rosa is very svelte and she was a model.
Your’s truly (Me), on the other hand does not have any of this stuff, other then a Cleaneing lady. I live in an apartement with NO husband or child, and I cook my own meal’s. But I do have a good job and am admitted to the NYS Bar where I remain in GOOD Standeing.
Last week, the State Bar called to tell me they want to audit my CLE’s to verify that I took 24 credit’s each year for the past 4 year’s. I told them it would take a littel time for me to find the CERTIFICATE’s, so they gave me until Monday October 28 to schedule a meeting with their AUDITOR. I have to find CERTIFICATES for old CLE’s. I onley have a total of 20 credit’s and NONE in ethic’s. I wonder if there is any place I could take some CLE quick. The manageing partner say’s he knows someone in the bar associateion that can make me up some certificate’s but I know it is NOT right. Frank also said that I could borrow someone’s CLE certificate’s until after the AUDIT, but I am not to sure about that either. DOUBEL FOOEY! Why does this have to hapen to me? I need to be married so I do NOT have to put up with this stuff. I would let my HUSBAND take care of all of this for me. TRIPEL FOOEY!


  1. Ellen has to watch out because the states take CLE seriously. If she can't get the right credits on time, and she certified that she had, they can suspend her. If she is suspended, there is no way guys will want to marry her.

    1. I agree. Ellen should not do anything unethical.