Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Get your boyfreind to MARRY you

So we're meeting Igor and Oleg today? Moment of truth, potentially, on whether they're actually related to Leyeh or just a couple of horny old CIA buddies of Dad's lying to get a view of the American tuchus. (Commenters debated this while I was out, and are invited to continue.) 

Yay! I love the Blouse, but Frank would be tryeing to stare past the camo and I do NOT want him lookeing at me like that. FOOEY on him. As for the OP, your a young lady, & you will have your hand’s full, but at least your a homeowner! YAY!!!! Most peeople have to wait until they are MARRIED and expecteing a baby b/f they move out of the CITY to a place with a pickett fence and lawn’s, like ROSA. That will be my ticket out, but FIRST I must find a HUSBAND!
You should have the same solution! Get your boyfreind to MARRY you and become your HUSBAND. and then have HIM tell the contractor’s to call HIM, and make HIM handel all of the homeowner’s stuff, particularly b/c he is otherwise sleepeing all day? FOOEY on that!
You should remember that NOW that you own a house, you will get DEDUCTION”s for property taxe’s and stuff. My dad handel’s all of my coop stuff. Get your BOYFREIND to do something to help other then sleep all day! DOUBEL FOOEY!
That is what ROSA does, and she does NOT even deal with peeople who come over. She leave’s it to the housekeeper, b/c she does PILATES and ZOOMBA. She is comeing down with the kid’s today to go with me and the relative’s to the Statute of Liberty! YAY!


  1. I also agree with her advice. Who knows if these 2 aliens will be trustworthy or just looking for an easy squeeze (or more) with Ellen's tuchis?

  2. These comments I'm reading must be coming from one or more of the Sunshine Pigs. I do not have time to post here much because they've been lobbing their extra spill over work over to me. Pigs.

    1. Oops, Vinnie, you forgot to switch your name back over for this one. Looks like you're complaining about your (boorish and lazy) self! Not that it isn't justified.