Wednesday, October 23, 2013

who knows what else they were rummageing thru

Interesting: presented with the information that Ellen's panties are missing after Igor and Oleg slept over, Dad had to weigh his paranoia about men's sexual designs on Ellen against family loyalty/face-saving, and the latter won! (Remembering that it's still possible these two are lying about who they are, we should expand "family" to include jackass CIA acquaintances from 40 years ago...) Of course, no matter how obvious it may be to everyone else that I and O have been rummageing, I have a feeling Dad has the last word on this issue as with every other. 

And yes, tesyaa--Ellen is either secretly senior or just has a certain vintage about her tastes, colloquialisms, and moray's. 

Oooo! I love TAHARI, and mabye when I go up to see Rosa this weekend, we can stop in at Nordstrom’s! YAY!!!!!!
Mom told Dad about my missing pantie’s and he said the cleaneing lady probabley took them, or I left them at the NYSC. I know I did NOT leave my pantie’s at the NYSC (that is SILLY), and the cleaneing lady is probabley a size 16 — her tuchus is even bigger then Franks, so there is NO way she could wear them, and I do NOT think she realy want’s to give away used pantie’s to anyone.
I checked around and did NOT see anything missing, but I can NOT find my UBS drive that I use to bring Word document’s home from work to plug into my MACBOOK AIR, and then back. It is NOT worth alot, mabye $10 or less, but it also had some picture’s on it that peeople had sent me over the year’s. Nothing I can NOT replace — most are on my MacBOOK, but still, I wonder if Oleg or Igor know anything about that. FOOEY if they do. DOUBEL FOOEY b/c who knows what else they were rummageing thru while I was at work and out with Willem? I did let Oleg use my MacBook, so mabye he was lookeing around in my machine also? FOOEY!
Willem is droppeing by the office today, so I wore my new Cashemere Sweater. It is very soft and nice, and I got it on SALE at Lord and Taylor’s! YAY!!! I hope he says nice thing’s. Frank has already said I look good and even Lynn wanted to know where I got it. I hope Willem like’s it! YAY!!!!!
  • Wildkitten :
    You should use dropbox for files you want to keep but not just on your computer.
  • This is SO Ellen, to say “Lord & Taylor’s” like someone’s great-aunt would say.. Even though Ellen is young, she’s a bubbie (grandma) at heart. I guess I’m stating the obvious.

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  1. These foreign relatives went and stole Ellen's panties? Relatives always get the inside track. Incredible, tho I think I know where they are coming from.