Wednesday, October 2, 2013

sound’s a littel high

It sound’s a littel high. In my firm, the manageing partner alway’s take’s my billeings, then add’s 50% of my billeing’s for “supervisory oversight”. In many of the case’s I do literaly all the work, and he does NOT even know about it until I submit my billeing’s!!! But the 50% is his uplift for being the manageing partner, b/c I am so efficeint, and he figure’s that even with the 50% (billed at the manageing partner’s rate–which is doubel my rate), the cleint’s are all happy. If they ever are NOT, all complaint’s HAVE to go thru him, and he also bill’s them for his time if they do complain.
Last year, we had a firm we did a little comp work for who did NOT like it when I did NOT share my breif’s with them b/f I filed them w/the court. I told them I did NOT have time to meet the schedule if they had to clear it first. So they complained to the manageing partner, and Lynn said they did NOT want me to work on their case’s any more. The manageing partner said that he would take over all of my cases, and he did, but I still did all the work, but the manageing partner was mad b/c only he could bill (at 100%), but I could not bill. So after we wound up looseing money by this, the manageing partner had to increase the time he spent (he could NOT up his hourley fee) (which was actueally the time I spent). The cleint still was not happy so the manageing partner did NOT care when they stopped sendeing new cases to HIM. FOOEY b/c I had to find other cleint’s to bill to meet my annual target’s. But now, I have enough to do my 4,000 hours for next year. YAY!!!!

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