Sunday, October 6, 2013


Not the first time Ellen has offered to speak up on behalf of a sister. I wonder if she thinks her distinctive style/voice also have a special way of driving the point home.

See bottom highlight: this is an interesting idea accidentally tacked on, as they so often are. At work, when dealing with an adversary who is out of line, you can usually go to some sympathetic authority to shore up support and perhaps even get them to enforce. In relationships, on the other hand, unless it's police-grade stuff, you're all you've got. I actually see advantages to the latter as well, but it might be useful to think about this as a categorization of interpersonal conflict--i.e. times when you can punt or cover, and times when you can't. 

YAY! Congrat’s and Hug’s to you. Remember that some smaller Men get testey when we are showing them up. It is not easy to deal with a guy who is a DOOSH. Just rise ABOVE THE PETTYNESS, but let him know that you know he is doeing these thing’s and you do NOT like it. Tell him You do not want to do anything to hurt him, and you want to PRESERVE the relationship, but he HAS to face it –HE is NOT on the FAST TRACK and YOU ARE, and he has to learn it, know it, and LIVE IT, b/c you may well become HIS boss some day and you want him to know that you do NOT like DOOSHE’s working for you.
If you are QUEEZIE saying all this, just send him a HYPERLINK TO this POST, b/c peeople sometime’s find it easier just to POINT to something someone ELSE SAID.
When I was dateing Alan, he had the same issue’s. As I was riseing up through the rank’s with the manageing partner, he was DESCENDEING into ALCOHOLISM. So every time I came home with some exciteing news, all he did was drink, burp, then vomit when he drank to much. As I said before, b/c he chose the bottel over me, I finaly decided to give him the HEEVE HO, sendeing him packeing.
That is kind of what you need to do with this guy if he keep’s up the doosh act. The only diference is you have a manageing partner you can go to. In personal lives, we have to do this all by ourself. FOOEY!


  1. Hurray for Ellen for giving such sage advice. She is 100% spot on. Clearly she is not as dumb as she sometimes looks (particularly in the spelling department). Ellenwatch, you are friends with Kat -- you should suggest that a spell check be built into Corporette; if so, she will appear just as bright as anyone else.

    1. Ive read all these posts before and think we owe Ellen a big debt of gratitude for airing what we need for women to say and do to protect ourselves from unscrupulous men, particularly those in the work place.