Sunday, October 6, 2013

[Reader question's: EF]

I am way late to this, among other things, but I promised Reader EF that I would respond to his or her recent comment in a post of its own. Below, EF in blue and I in black italick's. 

Dear EW,

I actually posted that link to Alan's comment on the Brooklyn blog to you about a month ago and you said you already knew about it. For the record, I am also Team Alan. Fair point. Here's where you made ELLENWatch history (see comments), and I regret not recognizing its full glory earlier. You and I may both now be in a position to hope Ellen gets back together with her ex because some signs indicate he may have stopped drinking.

Can we discuss two things: 1. Why is there no Jewish requirement? Can grandma L and Dad want her to marry any old gentile? Apparently so. I'm a little surprised too, but perhaps this is the sort of thing that used to be considered a priority before Ellen had crow's feet (say, around the time she met Alan) but has fallen by the wayside as conditions surrounding her singledom/childnessness become increasingly exigent. Recall that David, who is Jewish, met with Dad's approval in '12, but current family frontrunner Sam is apparently not Jewish. (Just British and vegan.) 

2. Do you think that Ellen reads Ellenwstch and possibly comments? Do you think we are encouraging her?(if so, joy!). Yes, yes, and (mostly) yes. I think she gets a great deal, since she no longer has to maintain her own blog (which she remarked was very difficult before quitting after just a few months). I also somewhat frequently identify elements in Ellen's post that respond to questions or requests that I have made here. As for "encouraging her," readers have seen that my relationship with dirty alter-ego Vincent J. Kutza Jr. is tenuous. I also sometimes become overwhelmed by the volume of her posts, and feel I may appear too enthusiastic for any Ellen posts such that we now get too many. But overall, I'm proud if I've encouraged her, or played a part in the fan culture. 

3. Do you think you could do a post where we try to figure out where Ellen is located? I feel like she gave us some good info on the MANAGEING PARTNER'S location. Are you talking about the office? Indeed, MP's planning the firm's move has brought in some information about at least the neighborhoods he is considering, though since nothing's been signed yet we're not really any better off. Beyond that, I actually don't feel any more informed than I did a year+ ago about where Ellen is. If you missed it earlier, see here for the best I ever did--a map relevant to her home and haunts. Also, we know that Harold lives or lived around the corner from Ellen in Manhattan, so any info about his digs is potentially helpful. 


Thanks for writeing, friend! I love reader input and wish I could set up some regular question or suggestion box outside of the comment function. 



  1. Better late than never, but it's even better to be timely. Good responses, Ellenwatch. We appreciate your devotion to this Blog! My friend and I both read this religiously so keep up the good work. We appreciate how much time it takes to find, digest and post the responses, so know you are valued, even if most people don't have the nerve to post to say so. YAY!!!

    1. Remarkable how quickly I go from getting condemnation to praise. But I'll take it (as long as it's nice).

    2. You should not take so many days off between posts. The quality of your commentary diminishes when you have 8 posts to talk about rather than 2 or 3. Spend a little time every day, and you'll find that you will not alienate your readership as much. Kapeesh?

    3. Non-kapeesh. Even paid workers get time off. Go back to being fun now.