Wednesday, October 23, 2013

even tho thing’s look down now

A grab bag of all-purpose Ellen advice! Don't worry too much about work, nor aim too high, but make sure you're meeting enough men and avoiding those who don't make adequate $$$. 

Dont worry. I am so sorry, and Hug’s to you. I started out like you, but you sound smart and you can make it as a lawyer if you have a nice workeing environment, even tho thing’s look down now. You are young, and HAVE to stick it out, at least for now. I agree with you that a 1 hour comute stink’s, but you should NOT worry yet about bringeing in busness, at least not for this firm. I do NOT know what city you are in, but the job market is hardley robust, so best to stay put before thinkeing of moveing to another place. If you are thinkeing of another city, you have NOT mentioned a boyfreind. If you have a boyfreind, make sure you hold on to him if he is making good money and there a posibility of marrage in the picture. That could get you out of this situation pretty quickley, particularley if you want to have children. If there is no boyfreind, are you abel to find a guy around who is worth marrying? You could join a health club and maybe find a guy there, but do NOT date the trainor, b/c they will NOT be abel to support you. You should also join a bar association and meet peeople who can help you to get another job if you want to move out of your firm. You also can learn law there and can teach CLE’s there where you can meet guy’s. I hope I have given you some idea’s but rememember that we all need to stick together. YAY!


  1. I would like to get some hugs from Ellen, and, with Ellenwatch's blessing, some tuchus for dessert. I am here, Ellen, if you are interested in me, say the word and tell me how to contact you! I am Vincent J. Kutza, and am now a 3rd Year associate.

    1. Why would Ellen waste time with a guy several years behind her on the firm ladder? You keep saying you want my "endorsement," but 3rd year just isn't going to cut it, even if you were able to act like a gentleman on the internet.