Monday, October 7, 2013


I bet Dad charged the Capitol for this phone consult. Glad it worked out for the little lady, though.

When I was workeing as a college coop, I had to sit at the front desk on the HILL in a VERY old buildeing that did NOT have a good heateing system. I told them to turn UP the heat alot of times, but they said it was UP ALL THE WAY already! So I told my dad, and he called our CONGRESSMAN, and within a week, the CONGRESSMAN arranged for them to send a HEATEING MAT THAT I PLUGGED INTO THE AC OUTLET. Once I plugged it in, my feet got very warm and this helped me stay warm even tho the REST of my Body was NOT warm. It realy did help. So if you have probelem’s like I did, you can ALWAYS have your dad call your Congressman. YAY!


  1. Its nice to know that Dad has friends in high places. If only he could get Ellen into a white shoe law firm, she could excel and collect mucho dinero!

    Great Job, Ellenwatch. Keep up the good work!

    1. If only Ellenwatch would do so! Oy! She has been out to lunch with alarming regularity.