Tuesday, October 15, 2013

goe’s on to tell me thing’s about HIS body

There have been so many approoveing comment's about Ellen lately, I think it's too good to be true. We're likely due for a serious backlash of haterz, though since we know which side Kat is on they will yet again be protesting in vain...

Notes for this one: Didn't realize Ellen was concerned that Leyeh's MARRIED MOM bonus is at risk if she skips out on even one family get-together (see first highlight). I don't remember any riders on this contract and it would be un-Barshevsky to suddenly add one this late in the game. 

Second, "everything in moderation" is a lovely Ellen caption in more than one sense, given that every single one of her posts is at least supposed to be subject to Kat's screening before it goes live. (Get it?) 

Finally, ol' pal TCFKAG is quite unlike herself in misspelling "manageing." If this is an autocorrect issue, try Add To Dictionary? 

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love Fruegel Friday’s and this dress, which I can go see atLord and Taylor at lunch! Double Yay!
As for the OP, There is NOTHING WRONG with being compleimentary, but mabye goeing from purse to scarf was enough, but talkeing about her boots might have gone a littel to far, makeing her think you were eye-ing her up and down sexueally. I am not judgemental, and even tho I would not do this as a heterosexueal girl, I do not judge anyone if they happen not to be heterosexual’s lke me.
But generally, we have to do everything in moderation. If you see something good in someone or something, generaly say it, but with moderation. Of course if you see something bad, don’t alway’s say it. With YOU, it is not so bad if you just said you liked 1 thing or mabye 2 that she was weareing.
Think of it like this. When a guy see’s me and wink’s, that is OK. Even if he come’s up and says something like “are you a model?” I can live with that. But if he wink’s, asks if I am a model and then goe’s on to tell me thing’s about HIS body, I say WHOA, FELLA, TO MUCH INFORMATION! You should be the same way with clotheing. Look, and like, but keep it to yourself if you are afreaid of goeing overboard and being creepy.
I think I will go with Willem and not stiff him on the date to the Barclay’s center. Myrna said it would be bad at this point, and I can alway’s see my releatives from Budapest later. I just hope Grandma Leyeh will NOT REVOKE HER OFFER to give me $50,000 if I can be married and pregeant by Next year! FOOEY if she doe’s. AND DOUBEL FOOEY if I wind up haveing to nuzzzel up to a guy and it goe’s nowhere in time for the $50,000!
  • Anonymous :
    Is it me or is Ellen getting like, really wise? Everything in moderation indeed.
    • Senior Attorney :
      Not just you.
    • Hey, I still point everyone back to the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when Ellen managed to be an excellent source of ways to donate/provide assistance and yet, still…Ellen.
      Unplumbed depths, that girl (?) has.
  • Ellen, can we best friends? PUHLEEZ?????????
  • You guise, Ellen gave me…. relevant and helpful advice. I AM SO HAPPY. EllenWatch – be aware.
    Thank you Ellen – I will try to make sure that all people I compliment do not think I am hitting on them, though this girl was VERY pretty. The managing partner would like her except her TUCCHUS is too small for his taste.

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  1. These comments are as good as the post! Great find, Ellenwatch! It goes to show that Ellen has far more fans than detractors. I suppose that is why Kat likes her. I am sure many more read her, smile, but do not post. I agree that she adds much to the website-- even if others say the same thing, she does so in a particularly unique, Ellenesque manner which makes us see a little of her in all of us. Yay, Ellen! You go, GURL!!!!!