Wednesday, October 16, 2013

LOVED the Statute of Liberty

I sure want to know what else Ellen has to tell us about Igor and Oleg! So far all we know is that in all their post-sovietness they're apparently unfamiliar with office spaces. 

Meanwhile, thanks to Anon for yet another theory! Every time I think we've covered all possibilities I hear a new one--this time, namely, the connection to legendary Anonymous Lawyer (that is the correct link, yes?) 

I am back in my office with the relative’s! They are lookeing at everything as if they never saw an OFFICE BEFORE! They LOVED the Statute of Liberty and the boat ride was VERY nice. Today the weather in NYC is perfect! YAY!
As for these shoe’s, I wonder if I can LOG any mile’s with them and the fitbit. I am weareing my NIKE AIR’s, and the manageing partner think’s I look dumpy weareing them. I reminded him that I am TECHNICEALLY OFF today, so he is lucky that I am even IN TODAY, but I did have to check my EMAILS, which I can’t do right now from home b/c the teck guy messed up the setting’s in my APPLE to get it runneing at work. FOOEY ON HIM. I did get it to run the INTERNET so the relative’s could check their face book’s. I have alot to tell the HIVE, but they are waiteing for me now and stareing into my pitiful office for me to go so I have to go now. YAY!!!!!

  • You are a very diligent worker, Ellen — taking time on your day off to come in and check e-mails! We should all be so diligent!
  • I like to imagine Ellen as someone like “Anonymous Lawyer” — a law student putting up these posts as a complete joke.

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  1. Why is Ellen tooling around with a couple of Hungarians when she could have me? So what if they are relatives? I could do more for her than all of them combined.