Wednesday, October 23, 2013

think’s that Mabye Igor is a klepotmanic

I did NOT see that po’st, but HUG’s are SURELEY in order. FOOEY on any man that get’s us pregenant then says he want’s OUT. FOOEY on them. I hope his next girlfreind knows he did this and does NOT fall into the same trap. That is why Myrna has NOT slept with ANY guy’s who do NOT bring protection, and that is good. After Alan, I do NOT sleep at all with guy’s now so this is a MOOT point, but I need to remember this if any guy become’s serius with me like Willem or Roberta’s son (tho he is a longshot at this point, b/c he does NOT come home often and I am NOT goieng to visit with him in Philaedephia. FOOEY!
Willem wants me to go out to dinner tonite, but I am goeing with Myrna to a resturant in Rockefeller Center that I saw with Igor and Oleg. Mom is livid about Igor and remembers that he was there in Budapest year’s ago, and think’s that Mabye Igor is a klepotmanic if NOT also a cross dresser. I just do NOT know, but am planneing to go to Lord and Taylor this weekend to replace my panties and anything else I can not find. To bad I can NOT bill it to the firm b/c the relaeatives did NOT do anything work related. FOOEY!

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  1. Ellen, I realize you may be gunshy from your past experiences, but I cab be very understanding and gentle. Ellenwatch may be even willing to endorse me (I hope) in pursuit of tuchus, of which yours is the only one I am interested in today. Give me a shot, please?