Sunday, October 6, 2013


Sam must be kvetching to Myrna at work about Ellen not takeing his call's, etc. It sounds like he's finally stopped attempting contact, though? This does coincide with Dad backing down re Ellen's refusal to date the bloke. Meanwhile sounds like Ellen is interested enough in Micheal to make sure he doesn't meet the way-hotter Myrna. (Willem hasn't beheld her either, to my knowledge...)

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I LOVE Fruegel friday’s and this fruegel dress!!!! I had a nice time watcheing this movie with Myrna, the Bling Ring. It was a littel slow, but OK. She got a DVD and brought it OVER and we made chocolate FUDGE! YUMMY!
Myrna told me that Sam is STILL PINEING over me! Can you imagine? I wonder what he is doeing with all of those booger’s now that he does not have my tuchus to wipe them off on! GROSS! I always worried when he touched my clothe’s if he was wipeing off a booger or 2 — now some other girl will have to check her clothe’s at the dry cleaner’s.
We are goieng up to see Roberta Saturday, and I am leaveing Micheal home. I worry he will start to ooogle Myrna, and it’s to early in the relationship to introduce her yet. I DO, however, want to know what she thinks.
I have to run to court to make 2 motion’s. I think the JUDGE was NOT effected by the sequester. I hope the manageing partner is right or I will have MADE the trip for NOTHIING! FOOEY!


  1. I think the same way as Ellen. If I were dating someone, I would not, at the outset, introduce him to my best friend, particularly if I had any inkling that he would find her more alluring than me. I think that well after she gets serious with any of these guys (meaning in the bedroom), only then should she bring her best friend in to meet them. By then, the guy will be hooked (literally) and unlikely to chance losing a sure thing for someone who might be objectively more attractive, but not necessarily the sure thing that Ellen is for them. Agree?

    1. Men are not to be trusted. And I agree Sam should never have bared his penis to Ellen either. Men are pigs.