Sunday, October 6, 2013

thank’s to walkeing

Nevermind--Sam is still (inexplicably) making moves. Meanwhile Ellen's belief that bunions are contagious persists. I wonder if she's also concerned that MP is a carrier, such that she can get bunions from his wife third-hand?

Yay! Open thread’s!!!!! I love open thread’s!!!!! And I love this little black dress! For month’s I could NOT fit into my black dress b/c my tuchus was to big, but now, thank’s to walkeing, my tuchus has gotten smaller, and I am GOEING to celebrate by buying a new dress. I think I might even get into a size 2! but do NOT want to buy it onley to squeeze into it b/c my tuchus is getting bigger. So I will go to Bloomie’s and try one on and see if I can get into a SIZE 2.
As for the OP, Bloomie’s also have a good selection of leather bag’s that do NOT need a laptop. I love Bloomie’s and 40 Carrot’s (tho they don’t love me that much).
Myrna called to say that Sam is goeing to call me (after all I said he is still interested?) I am focused on Willem and Micheal for now, so the thought of a British guy trying to date me is something that is dificult to fathom right now, b/c I am not sure he would want to have kid’s right away, and that is what I need. Willem, on the other hand, is older and he has told me that I would make a good mother. And Micheal also want’s kids and told me he would not sleep with me on the first date (which is fine b/c I would not sleep with him either. FOOEY!)
But both have posibilities and I do NOT have time to waste. So if the HIVE has any ideas, I would be happy to listen. BTW, the judge was VERY nice to me and I won my motions today! YAY!!!! The manageing partner said that Margie placed the order for my red shoe’s (AND HERS) and he will bring them in to work when they come in and Margie gives them to him. I told him NOT to let Margie try mine on b/c of the BUNNION’s! DOUBEL FOOEY!


  1. Someone ought to counsel Ellen and let her know that she can't "catch" Bunions. She sounds like such a sweet gal, however uninformed she may be. Yet, as long as she has her looks, there always should be at least a few guys who are willing to overlook her lack of knowledge. I think we all share her fears that once she loses her looks, she will not have much else to fall back on (other than her tuches). What do you think, Ellenwatch? Does she have a future without a man in her life?

    1. Id like a man also, but not the pigs I have to deal with at work. Where are the normal guys we read about and see on TV?