Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mom say’s that mabye he is goeing to be fine

I love this as a dating mantra--so many qualifiers, it might actually hold up. And besides, if MOM says it...

Oh, do I ever WISH it was ME! Right now, I am workeing on getteing to a SECOND Date with a guy, b/c all of these guy’s seem to forget that I want to get MARRIED before haveing a BABY. So many guy’s just want sex, but NOT a baby, or to get MARRIED. What is it about guy’s that just want to take advantage of us women? They are realy PIG’s for NOT considering US in the equation. They just live for the MOMENT and we live for a life-time. FOOEY!
I am goieng to give the Judge’s NEPHEW, Micheal, a chance today. Mom say’s that mabye he is goeing to be fine, even if he run’s a deli. I have to think that I can love a deli guy just as much as a guy who work’s in a bank. Margie told me about a place on 2nd Avenue today that I will sugest to Micheal where we can go to eat. I love Italian food so I hope he does also! YAY!!!
The manageing partner came in today with a coconut pie that he bought in honor of Lynn’s BIRTHDAY. She is 24 year’s old — so YOUNG! I remember when I was 24 just comeing out of law school, and that seem’s so LONG ago! FOOEY b/c if I had just NOT dated Alan, I probabley could have been married already and with Child! And mabye with Grandma’s $50,000. Now I have no boyfreind, no child, and no $50,000 — FOOEY, tho I DO have a JOB that pay’s me well and a manageing partner that is happy that I am workeing for him. YAY!

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  1. Ellen, you are right. Men are pigs (at least 98% of them). Lynn is younger than you, but you need not feel desperate for a guy. You have a career and a future, potentially as a judge if not a professor, so all is bright. You do not need a man to be complete. We are pulling for you and hope you get one, but realize that you can get inseminated artificially and have a child without having to do all of the other disgusting things that men make women do in order to have children.