Friday, October 18, 2013

locateing a guy who wants to do the 6 thing’s

I asked specifically to hear what the Budapestians had to say about Ellen not being married. This breakdown more than fit's the bill--though I have a feeling there's more where it came from.

Well done, Jules, repleicateing the style! 

Yay! I love this dress, but must go out with the relatives this morning. As for the OP, I agree with your Mom (or MUM)! YAY! My dad say’s the same thing. He alway’s warns me:
“Ellen, You need to be married, but Do NOT, in any event, EVER dilute the Barshevsky lineage!”
By this, he mean’s that he does NOT want me marrying down, either genetically or economically. So THAT is WHY I am OVER 30 and Not married. When I told this to the relative’s, they understood, but told me that in BUDAPEST, if there were girls as beautiful as me over 30 who were NOT married, they were probabley either (1) gay; (2) had some sort of STD makeing them undesireable; or (3) did NOT want to have babie’s.
I told them I was NONE OF THE FORGOEING. I was just liveing out what my dad want’s. For me NOT to settel for a looser that drink’s and does NOT live up to what I have to have in a man; namely: 1) to treat me well; 2) to have a good job; 3) to support me; 4) to want to have children; 5) to want to move to the SUBBURB’s in a house like Rosa and 6) not to cheat on me by haveing sex with other women.
What is so tough about that you may say? It is, trust me, b/c most men do NOT want all these thing’s. Many good ones are already Married, and they just want to have sex. FOOEY on that, b/c why would I just have sex without marrage and children? These day’s my mom says there are to many pretty younger girls that just will fool around with men and walk away, but that was NEVER me, and that is why I am now faceing a tough time locateing a guy who wants to do the 6 thing’s above. If there are guy’s out there fitteing the bill, I wish they would come forward. YAY!

Ellen, I s2G that you are my alter ego.


  1. It doesn't look like I'd be able to meet the criteria established here, but I doubt many other guys would either. Unless Ellen wants to be a spinster, she'd do well to start performing in the sack with these guys, if not me.

    Ellenwatch, you seem to claim clairvoyance when it comes to Ellen and I still want to be a member of the PEP Club. I am not about to traipse around all over NY City on my own to meet up with her. So help me out, will you?

    For those of you who can't figure PEP out, the first "P" word is a verb, the middle "E" is for Ellen (tho possessive) and the last "P" word is a noun. So if you can't set me up with her, you need to take the two Pees and figure it out, Ellenwatch. This is not too difficult, because I have been very transparent about my desires for Ellen and me.

  2. Pop Ellen's petootie?

  3. I would add a 7th criterion. Namely, little to no sexual history. I would not want a guy comparing my body parts to past sluts he has had. I am sui generis and worth it.