Saturday, October 26, 2013

his tuchus shineing thru that old suit!

Hat's off for the phrase featured in this post's titel. It sounds like MP's old suit is threadbare and has taken on a certain sheen, but the image of his ass shining through the fabric and perhaps blinding his wife is more evocative.

Ellen can't go many days without a reliable scrunchie supply, so she's off to replace those that were stolen. Further down, I suspect Vinnie in this grim suggestion about the scrunchies' "misuse" at the hands of pervy Hungarians. Don't respond to that, Vinnie--this has gone more than far enough. 

Yay! Open thread’s! I love OPEN THREAD’s! It is better then Fruegel Friday’s b/c everything is OPEN! YAY!
As to the OP, it alway’s is better to keep work seperete from personal. That goes for EVERYTHING, including computer’s (there should be a home computer) and a work computer.
As for the phone, you should have a seperete blackberry or iphone for work that you put ONLEY the work apps on, and onley the stuff that you need for work. That is why you can get a 32 gigeabite Iphone for home use, but onley a 16 gigeabite iphone for work — b/c you should NOT load any movie’s or picture’s or music on your work iphone, unless it is picture’s of work outeings with the manageing partner.
At our firm, the manageing partner pays for everybody’s stuff, b/c we have to be conected. If I am in court, and he need’s to text me, he does it and I do NOT have to worry about cost’s. Many time’s I am in the middel of something and I get a text from the manageing partner. Sometimes, it is just to stop by Crumbs to pick up cookies for the office on my way back from Court, but other times it is to say that he can NOT make an EBT or that Margie need’s to talk to me about something. He does NOT like it when Margie and I talk behind his back. He need’s to know EXACTELEY what is goieing on b/c he is afraid Margie will spend to much money if we go out without him.
The manageing partner wound up getting a $950 suit at Brook’s Brothers, and he looked alot better in it when they were fitteing him than he did when he got back into his schleppy suit with doubel vents. I think his suit is 30 year’s old and the seat is almost worn thru! Margie probabley got sick of lookeing at his tuchus shineing thru that old suit! So he got another new one thank’s to me! YAY!!!!!
Sam has gotten onto my calendar now! He is comeing over to talk with me and the manageing partner about a new busness oportunity — I have no idea what this could be, but Myrna think’s it is realy based on his wanteing to get back with me. I do NOT see this hapening any time soon, b/c I have alot of work to do and this mean’s even more work, and that mean’s no play time for him. FOOEY! Roberta has invited me up to Bronx with Myrna, but I have to go SCHRUNCHIE shoppeing. I think there’s a place on 34th that sells these, but I may be abel to find a better selection on the INTERNET.
I hope dad confront’s IGOR and OLEG when they roll back into town from their cross country excurseion. I think they are misuseing my SCHRUNCHIES, as well as my pantie’s. FOOEY! DOUBEL FOOEY!
Have a great weekend to Cat and also to the HIVE. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Vinnie can only wish to get his hands (and other parts) on an Ellen scrunchie. But trust me, Ellen is smart enough to parry away from a loser like him. We know he is rude and crude, and Ellen is surely smart enough not to let her guard down with a pig like Vinnie. Now Sam and Willem are another story. Those kind of smooth talkers are surely more likely to bamboozle Ellen, and I surely hope you can protect her from these parasites.