Thursday, October 31, 2013


So Sam came back to Manageing & MANAGEING though I don't think we ever heard definitively whether the firm took any matters for his company. Sure, it's possibel that he's drawing out the talks (and having all of them in person) because he needs more excuses to see Ellen--but he's being so direct here I don't see where pretense figures in at all. 

And while I'm at it, where's the "wait" coming from? I'll say again that there's no reason Ellen can't alternate dates with Sam and with Willem, especially since chances are that both are a waste of time. Might as well economize. 

Yay! I love this outfit, but the manageing partner will NOT let me wear pant suit’s. FOOEY b/c I think I could look good in this one. Mabye some of the others in the hive could wear this and look good.
As for the OP, My dad did all of the bidding on my co-op. He had alot of troubel with it b/c there were OTHER peeople who wanted the co-op b/c it look’s out on the EAST River, which is in Manhattan. If you are lookeing out on a river, you will HAVE to expect to bid more for a coop. I think the same rule’s apply to condos.
Sam stopped by the office for his visit with the manageing partner, and afterward, he came into my OFFICE. He laughted and said THIS IS A PARTNER’s OFFICE? I said we were moveing soon and that I would have a window in my new office, even tho the manageing partner has NOT yet signed a lease yet. We will probabeley go MONTH TO MONTH HERE b/c he has not decided on Madison or 3rd Avenue Yet. I say Madison b/c it is close to Grand Central, so I could just take the 6 or the 4 or the 5. Sam wants to date again and I said he has to wait. Why is it these men are so anxious. It’s as if I have a special scent that causes men to come to me. I do NOT even wear perfume. FOOEY!

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  1. She should wait, and try this guy Fred out. Why would she date a guy who flashed his penis to her the first time he was over to her house. We can't think of anything more gross than that, even if he is a big banker. I say try Fred, and if he is a loser, then consider Sam again, but really, don't if you can resist the temptation.