Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TELL TAIL evidence

One might have predicted that this would be Ellen's stance on the matter of whether to take a job in a different city from one's spouse. 

By the way, I'm increasingly bold in my assertion that certain commenter's here are Ellen. What am I audaciously arguing this time? That just because it was about nine months ago doesn't mean I don't remember previous uses of "sampling" to describe preliminary booty (see comments) and can't draw the according conclusions about whose idea it has been all along. Tell tail evidence indeed!

You are YOUNG and recently MARRIED so do NOT take them up on the offer, b/c you NEED to be in the same place as your HUSBAND, not onley now but later too. There will be OTHER oportunitie’s for you later and mabye your spouse will be abel to also have other oportunitie’s, but when you are MARRIED, you belong together, not apart.
I know a freind from law school who let her new HUSBAND take a teacheing job at the University of Michigan, which was a good school, but she stayed behind in DC b/c she had a goverment job. Within a year, the husband started cheateing on her (mabye earlier b/c you never know where he was sleepeing), and after a year and 1/2, they split up. You need to remember that men seek out women when there own women are not available, both for companionship and for sex. You need to know that men will say that it is meaningless sex, but you do NOT want your husband in bed with another woman who is more then willing to do things to keep him happy when you are not there to do it. I therefore recommend STRONGELY against seperating during early marriage. And for you also. You do NOT want to have some strange guy nuzzeling you b/c your husband is away and he see’s an opportunity to home right in and get easy pickeings from you, who are loneley and mabye jealous b/c your husband sounds questionablely not home when you call late or early, or there is TELL TAIL evidence when you come to his apartement that a woman has been there. FOOEY!
I want to be married, and when I am, I will NOT let my husband out of my sight. FOOEY on that b/c there are alot of pretty women out there and I do NOT want my husband sampeling them. DOUBEL FOOEY!


  1. You're off base again. I would do more than sample but won't write down the specific acts. Suffice it to say that I want to be one of the PEP boys!!

  2. No replies from Ellenwatch? WTF?

  3. Vinnie, no self respecting woman would ever sample you!