Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I told my cleaneing lady that she could have those bra’s

Such noble generosity as punishment for shrinking a patron's underthings. Sometimes Ellen really does seem to have this lady/maid dynamic down cold (if notheing else!) 

Not much to add about Igor and Oleg. When are they going home? And are other relatives really coming back ten-fold to stay at Leyeh's in the future?  

I agree with Kat. The bra’s that I buy have to be washed carefully or the laundry will literaly wear them out. So I told the cleaneing lady to be VERY CARFUL when doeing the laundry so as NOT to wash the @#@# out of my delicate’s. So what does she do? She take’s them, put’s them in HOT WATER, and ADD’s BLEECH! I was MORTIFIED when I put my bra on and it was to small. I thought that mabye I was getting bigger, but it was the bra getting SMALLER! FOOEY! So I told my cleaneing lady that she could have those bra’s b/c I needed to buy NEW ONE’s. Now, b/c of the relative’s, I also have to buy new pantie’s, which I did, and they cost over $100. So the cleaneing lady better be carful with these and I will NOT let either OLEG or IGOR into my apartement unless I have 1 person to watch BOTH OF THEM, and they are NOT allowed into my room, or into the HAMPER either. DOUBEL FOOEY for takeing my pantie’s! FOOEY! Even tho they are relative’s! FOOEY!


  1. I wonder if the cleaning lady did, after all, make off with the panties? Now, with the shrunken bras, she'd have a matched set! The Hungarian kin surely would not want to be stopped at INS and have them find ladies' panties in their suitcases.

    1. Great point about the matching set. As for Igor and Oleg, though, I think it would take more than that checkpoint confrontation to faze them. In my experience some of those guys might be into it anyway.