Saturday, October 19, 2013

I kept thinkeing I was supersmart

YAY! OPEN THREAD’S!!!!! I love Open Thread’s! And this sweater maybe a littel pricey at $253, but double YAY! b/c NIEMAN MARCUS has CASHEMERE for $69.00 . That is what I need particulearly when it start’s getting cold out. FOOEY!
The releatives LOVED Top of the Rock, but Igor fell and slid on the ice when he was showeing off. He was the one that wound up with a wet tuchus, and Grandma Leyeh and dad had the last laugh! He kept on swareing in Hungarian or something. I guess NO ONE like’s a WET TUCHUS, even Igor! I did NOT skate b/c I am not good at it and I did NOT want to slip like he did. Oleg was ooogleing the women, some of whom were dressed with VERY SHORT skirt’s. I kept thinkeing I was supersmart for warning him about NOT grabbeing any women, so he kept his hand’s to himself. YAY!
This weekend, Willem said he would call and we should try and get together for dinner. It can NOT be tonite, b/c I am goeing out with Dad and Mom on LI for Italian food, after we drop Grandma Leyeh and the releatives back in the Bronx. Dad was very happy when I told him that Willem wanted to come up but was scared off when I told him that Igor and Oleg were upstair’s sleepeing! YAY!!!! He is not crazy over the name Willem either. Grandma Leyeh must be putting the hex on him already.
Myrna may drive out to LI tomorrow and if she doe’s, we will take a ride to Robert Moses State Park. I do NOT think they are goieng to charge to get in, but I am not sure, b/c it is after Labor Day. Dad used to know this guy who gave him a VIP pass, but that guy was retired a few years ago when he suposedly mouthed off to his supervisor. FOOEY! Any way, I can’t write much b/c dad is waiting for us in the car and we have to get Grandma Leyeh home safe b/f it get’s dark out. HAPPY WEEKEND TO CAT AND THE HIVE! YAY!!!!!!


  1. Well done, Ellen! And trust me, Vinnie will NEVER Pick [your] Petunia if we have anything to do with him!

    1. Yes, but if Ellenwatch endorses me, and I do gain access to tuchus, there is not a thing you women can do about it.