Wednesday, October 23, 2013

he is goeing to HAVE to go with me to Brook’s Brother’s

A Shake Shack + clothe's shopping outeing with MP, Margie directing action behind the scenes. At first I wondered why anything between these two colleagues surprises me anymore, and then I realized this excursion does have a new flavor to it: a) they're going alone rather than with a group, as they often do to the Hamton's etc; b) Manageing Partner is supposed to be trying on suits and springing for a new one of his own. To me this signifies a new vulnerability that doesn't come from e.g. making Ellen root around his office for old discarded muffins. 

Cat, I agree this is a VERY pretty dress! Great Selection!!!! I would rather have it short on the bottom, and risk men lookeing at my LEGS, then having it low cut and haveing men stareing at my boobie’s. This one I will get b/c I can see it at BROOK’S BROTHER’s near Grand Central, where I was goeing to walk today to get lunch. I told the manageing partner about the Shake Shack and he is goieng to try it out with me for lunch, but that now mean’s that he is goeing to HAVE to go with me to Brook’s Brother’s. He is weareing a schleppy suit today, so I will call Margie and have her call the manageing partner and tell him to shop for a nice one while we are there. That way, we can spend MORE time (and money) there together, and I can get him to approve the dress on the SPOT! YAY!!!!

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  1. Short skirts are fine by me, particularly if you are willing to date me. I am not particularly interested in staring at your breasts, as I prefer to operate below the equator, if you understand my clean metaphors. I am sure that you too will not object to me heading for the Southern Hemisphere with you.