Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Sorry to be posting this one out of order. That said, I'm not sure it merit's inclusion because, yet again, I have to cry inconsistency. Ellen has emphasized in numerous posts, beginning with this one, that Alan was bad in bed. Since when is she extolling the health benefits of their sexeueal relationship, especially years later? 

The only ret-con I can think of is that he was good sober but bad drunk, and the more often he was the latter the less Ellen could remember (or wanted to remember) the good old days. I shouldn't be doing this work, however (nor do I want to hear anything gross from Vinnie). Make it right, narratrice. 
    • Hugs but you need NOT worry! You have embarked on something new and it’s DIFFERENT from what you’ve ever done before.
      You need to remember that you are young with your WHOLE LIFE A HEAD OF YOU! That is exciting! But not worth looseing sleep over.
      When I first started out I had no job and. no boyfreind and after living in DC for many years, I decided to move TO NY CITY b/c it was where there were a lot of lawyer’s. I was anxius and scared I would not make it. But I worked hard and got the Manageing partner to let me litiegate cases no one else want to.
      Also haveing a boyfreind helped me realize there was more then work. Tho Alan drank, he focussed on me and made me think of thing’s other then work (which should ONLEY be on your mind from 9-5. When I left work I focussed on fun things and lived my life, b/c that was the point! Not thinking about work. And for what it’s worth, b/c Alan cared about ME, sex with Alan did realy take the edge off for me and helped me get great sleep at night.
      So if you do think a long these lines and do like me and learn not to be so sereius, it will all get better. Eventuealley we will all find guy’s who will want to have babies so they will MARRY us and then we will never have to work again! Yay!!!!!!!!!
      • Gooey Bear :
        I was with you until the last sentence. If we have a career, we don’t need men to support us. At all!

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  1. Taking the edge off? Alan? That shrimp with a fat head? If you were with me, believe me, you'd go personality-wise, from a hyper broad to a flatliner, but a very happy flatliner, indeed!