Wednesday, October 23, 2013

alot of Ann Klein and even some Calvin Klein

Ellen's weight is still back on the downswing, we hear? I note that CRUMB'S may be being replaced by Shake Shack as her go-to, but it's not clear if there's any health gain there. 

Meanwhile, characterization of Harold as a slacker Gen-X wannabe has been quite consistent compared to some other minor presences in our story. The only thing about him that doesn't quite compute for me, come to think of it, is a years-long pursuit of Ellen. But I guess we can never forget how transcendentally irresistible she is...

I am like you. I like to dress very conservative, which often mean’s alot of Ann Klein and even some Calvin Klein, but not to flashy. That allow’s me to buy multipel’s of the same skirt so that if I get food stain’s on one, I can swap in another. Also, b/c I have been looseing weight, I have multiple sizes of the same skirt, one in size 4, one in size 2, and one in size 0 –which is still unworn. FOOEY!, but I hope to get into the size 0 by New Year’s!!! YAY!!! I have to stay away from the turkey gravy this Thank’sgiving with Mom! Or I will let Rosa eat all of it with the kid’s eateing the stuffing.
Willem called me at home on the cell; I told him he could use my land line, just not to use the land line at work b/c Lynn is starteing to think I actualey have a life outside of work. Dateing guy’s from a restrunt who grope me or others who just want sex with me is NOT the kind of life I am lookeing for. I want a guy who is proud of me and who respects me even if I do NOT have sex with him, but if he is all that abel to provide for me and our children, and then I would have sex with him. It realy is NOT a dificult proposition, but guy’s just want to wham bam thank you maam and move on. That is why I do NOT want to get started with Harold. I am sure he would like to see me WITHOUT my clotheing on, have his way, then take off afterward’s if I let him. FOOEY on that. He is a skater, and I do NOT think he is even workeing. Beside’s he is way to young for me, and being related to the manageing partner is NOT something I need in my life. FOOEY!

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  1. Size 2 and down to size 0? I thought you had a tuchus! Don't worry, though, even though you are getting smaller, I am still interested in you, with a smaller tuchus.