Monday, October 7, 2013

all my winnieng’s

See highlight: at first I thought, yes, it sure is potentially sticky to have all your dating action connected to work. But then I re-read the beginning of the sentence and realized Ellen is getting at something even heavier. "I can ONLY marry one guy" suggests that all the professional contacts who would like to marry her, but ultimately can't, could become problems down the road. The neatest way to resolve this could still be to fooey all of them and marry somebody outside the fold (like ALAN SHEKETOVIT'S) but I do see the advantage, at least for now, in letting things progress toward a competitive bidding situation. 

Meanwhile, not too much of a surprise to see Gonzalo mentioned again, as I myself was recently accused of seeking his attentions (scroll down). I also continue to be impressed with Ellen's level of interest in his love life. At least she didn't take a photo this time?

Yay! Splurge — NON-FRUEGEL — MONDAY’s! I love comeing into work on Monday’s!
As for the OP, I like it also. The high neck is great to keep Frank for stareing, which he is doieng right now! FOOEY! But it is so expensive that even if the manageing partner gives me 75%, it is still expensive! DOUBEL FOOEY!
Myrna and I had alot of fun with Roberta. She took us all around the Bronx and we went to her house afterward’s! She want’s me to meet her son from Philadelphia b/c she is AFRAID he is dateing a woman who likes to drink alot and she does NOT want alchoholism in the family. I told her all about Alan, and she agreed I could be the perfect match for him. I am a littel concerned b/c I can ONLY marry one guy, and all of the guy’s I am considering ALL have tie’s to the FIRM. Willem is a cleint, Micheal is the nephew of the Judge I get all my winnieng’s from in court, and Now, Roberta (another big cleint) has a son that want’s to meet and date me. It is SO difficult for a girl to find a guy just on the street or in a RESTRUNT, tho I kind of met GONZALO that way. But he was NOT interested in a releationship. He just wanted to paw me. FOOEY on Gonzalo b/c I saw him comeing out of an apartement on Lex one MORNING with his hand’s on another girl’s TUCHUS! And my dad says you could be sure they were NOT playing Parcheezi the NITE BEFORE! TRIPEL FOOEY!


  1. I concur with your analysis, Ellenwatch. It's great she now has three guys chasing her tail, but she is right not to want to offend any one of them for fear that her billings will suffer (or in the case of the judge's nephew), she will get adverse rulings. In the latter case, I am sure that the judge will still rule favorably as long as Ellen raises her hemline and provides other candy for the judge's good tasting habits.

  2. Gonzalo is a pig also. Men are pigs. We women need to stick together and not let men take advantage of us. Look how Gonzalo took his cheap shots and then is caught walking with another woman after surely sleeping with her the night before. Pigs!