Wednesday, October 9, 2013

being comforteable over being fashioneable

Yes, Sunshine Girls, I know I have skipped a post. I decided it wasn't going to add enough to this tableau to be worth includeing.

Here's Ellen's solution to her CLE emergency. I still kind of hope Frank spins a yarn for the auditor, just to see what happens.

I am generaly in favor of being comforteable over being fashioneable, at home after work, primarely b/c I have to look VERY nice and VERY formal AT work. B/c I dress so well at work, I often change into jean’s or even sweatpant’s with a sweatshirt at home. That is why I do NOT like it when men just “drop over” b/c I am NOT put together for them (and I do NOT want to be). I did NOT care when I was dateing Alan, b/c he knew exactely what I looked like, so if he came over and I was all schlumpey, so what? He was no prize either! FOOEY!
I DO HAVE SOME GREAT CLE NEWS FOR ALL THE ATTORNEY’S IN THE HIVE: My freind sent me a great FREE CLE app for my I-phone (or IPAD) that give’s everyone who enroll’s a FREE CLE course, that you can watch right from your IPHONE OR IPAD. YAY!!!!!
I think I will turn on my FREE CLE COURSE when I walk in to work, then by the time I am at work, it will be OVER and I will get FREE CLE Credits. DOUBEL YAY!!!!! For those lawyer’s in the HIVE that have NOT heard about it, you can read about it. As a veteran copy and paster, it’s just called CLE mobile, and it’s published by Thompson Reuters. Here’s what they say:
Attorneys can now listen to continuing legal education (CLE) programming on their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. West LegalEdcenter has recreated its online experience with the free CLE Mobile app. All of the regulatory safeguards that states require have been incorporated in the Mobile environment. This allows you to earn credits as you would with an on demand program at West LegalEdcenter, not just with a downloaded podcast for self-study credit.
With more than 4,500 CLE courses available for download, you now have mobile access to the most comprehensive and current source for online legal training and CLE, taught by the most prestigious names in the legal industry. Our experts and world-class programs come to you. Courses cover both hot law topics as well as the core substance of law in every practice area.
Download the CLE Mobile app and you’ll find one FREE COURSE in your My Programs.
YAY! To bad all CLE classe’s are not free. I will have to pay for some program’s if I am to remain in good standing, unless Frank is abel to tell the Auditor guy from the Bar he lost all of my certificate’s in the flood after Hurricane Sandy. FOOEY!


  1. EllenWatch, you let us be the judge of that. We think the post has some value, if only to show that Ellen has had a long history with computer nurds. If you make command decisions unilaterally, how are the rest of us to understand her full persona? I say we have an editorial board, and you can be the editor in chief, but before you make any command decisions not to post any of her gems, that you consult with the 3 of us, and the ultimate decision will be made by all of us, utilizing majority rule (3 of 4 say to do something, and it is ipso facto fait accompli). How about that, Ellenwatch? For the rest of the plebians, here is the post. They can view it on its merits.


    Ellen :
    10/08/2013 at 2:35 pm
    I had execllent cover letter’s that I used at GW when I was first applying for a job in college. I got them from a FORM BOOK The onley probelem is that now I have a MACBOOK Air, and then I had a crummey Window’s 95 machine and I was NOT abel to transfer any of those files when I traded up to a MACBOOK AIR. I asked the salesman if I could transfer my program’s, and he said that I had to buy all new software for MAC. So I did, but then after I traded in my machine, I met this geek who told me he could have transfered the DATA from my machine to a USB port and from there to my MACBOOK Air. If I had done that, I would have ALL OF MY COVER LETTER’s which I could share with the HIVE! FOOEY!

    1. I will only participate in such a quorum if we can meet in person at your office. Failing that, ELLENWatch remains a complete autocracy (though you are alway's welcome to plead your case to our audience).

    2. Its a good thing you are back. Where in the blazes were you for a week, anyways?

    3. I was gone for 4.5 days. Fooeytron Foomatic