Wednesday, October 9, 2013

MABYE the HIVE can suggest thing’s?

Oh, this is going to be so good. I'm really looking forward to Igor's and Oleg's take on the fact that Ellen isn't married. 

I second the soup thing! In the winter, my mother makes VERY HARDY beef and chicken soup’s that she freeze’s for me and I take them home on the train and defrost LATER. That is how I stay healthy in the winter b/c there are SO many peeople who are disgusting b/c they sneeze all over the place, then wipe there hand’s on public places, and the subway’s are full of germ’s ALSO.
I decided to stay OUT of the fray up top with peeople getting into RELIGIOUS discussion’s. FOOEY! I did want to report that my Uncle Igor (actualy my GREAT UNCLE) is comeing to visit Grandma Leyeh with his son Oleg. They live in Europe, in Budapest, and mom thought it would be a good idea if I showed OLEG around NYC. He is 22 year’s old. I do NOT know what a 22 year old from Budapest would like to see, so MABYE the HIVE can suggest thing’s? I thought the Statute of Liberty, but they might not be open b/c of the SEQUESTER. I also thought the Circle Line could be fun.
Myrna want’s to come with us, and I see no harm, b/c he is to young for either of us. The manageing partner is giveing me 3 day’s off to take him around town. Mabye he will want to see a MUSEUM, and if he does I LOVE THE DINASOUR’S at the History Museaum, even tho it is on the WEST SIDE, and I perfer the EAST SIDE. TO bad there are no DINASOUR’s at the MET (are there)? Whatever, I will go to the West Side, but will ask OLEG to make sure. Anyway, 3 day’s off will be fun. YAY!!!!!


  1. If they are from Hungary I am sure their women do not wait for marriage to have sex. For all we know, both of these relatives may try their hand With Ellen.

  2. I do not think incest is in the cards tho these are distant relatives and not beyond nookie with a cute woman her age!

  3. I think these are really CIA buddies masquerading as relatives - no Hungarian would be named Oleg.

    1. I did a little research. I think you are wrong. According to various websites, Igor, meaning "warrior archer", is the "Russian variant of the Scandanavian compoud name Ingwer."

      Similarly, Oleg is also of Norse origin, and in some countries means "successful or prosperous" . Today, Oleg (Russian: Олег), Oleh (Ukrainian: Олег), or Aleh (Belarusian: Алег) is a Slavic given name. It supposedly derives from the Old Norse Helgi (Helge), meaning "holy", "sacred", or "blessed". The feminine equivalent is Olga. Budapest is close to the Slavic Countries, and people there are constantly in motion and crossing over very porous borders in order to live and breed.

      Given all of this, I can really see Ellen hooking up with Oleg. Although young, his virility and possibility for success could lead Ellen to want to latch on to him quickly in order to get the money from Granny.

      As far as Ellen being unmarried, at her age, these guys may view her as damaged goods ripe for the plucking. If given the green light, I think Oleg will not want to waste time and at a minimum will surely want to bed her right away, if not wed her, but the latter would be a big hurdle for him, and fraught with uncertainty. We don't know anything about him, and the father is also a wild card, tho probably too old to be considered. For all we know, he may still be married to a woman in the old country wearing a babushka, and the son could also have his own squeeze and kids (legit or not) back home. Poppa Barshevsky and Granny may also not want to weaken the bloodline through interbreeding here and may prevent these two from hooking up, even if the stars otherwise line up for these 2.

      I suggest we keep our fingers crossed with the other candidates. Bringing in new aliens into the mix raise difficult cross cultural problems for even the strongest of relationships. I do not think Ellen can spend her whole life with an alien.

    2. We will have to find out more about these relatives. Personally, I too am skeptical of them. They could be on the level, but they also could have more sinister thoughts in mind. Ellen should not share too many secrets with them.