Tuesday, October 15, 2013

World War II impleacation’s

I love the historical-national consciousness that Leyeh keep's alive for the family, up to and includeing an issue with Kaiser Wilhelm and anyone who may remind us of his memory. I have a bit of an objection about the impleacation's, however: whether we're talking about Wilhelm I or II, isn't the relevant war a little bit earlier? (Unification of Germany or the Great War, respectively?) Ellen is usually so detail-oriented, this just isn't like her.

Yay! A short week for me! There is no court today b/c of the Holiday, and later in the week, I am off with the releative’s from Budapest. And, they have reopened the Statute of Liberty so I can take them both there! DOUBEL YAY!
As for Susedna, the OP, I also read the articel in the NY Times Business Section yesterday, and I think that in a few year’s I could be like Amy Schulman, General Council of Pfiezer. She sounded VERY intelligent and knowelgegeable about alot of thing’s and I think we ALL have to lean in whenever we get the chance. When I told that to FRANK, he also leaned in but just to sneak a peek at my boobies. FOOEY on him! Talk about takeing a cheap look!
That is why I do NOT wear vneck’s like the one Cat posted today. This one is also NOT to fruegel either! DOUBEL FOOEY! I talked to Grandma Leyeh, and she said that I could miss her dinner, if I have to to go with Willem, but she was LEERY of the name Willem, and said I should NOT mention the name to our relative’s b/c it sounds to much like Vilhelm (which has World War II impleacation’s for them). So I will NOT, but I assured Grandma Leyeh that Willem is onley 40 and to young to have been in World War II. She agreed. YAY!!!

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  1. I am no history buff, but I believe that there was no love lost at any time between those in power and those who were enslaved or otherwise demoralized in Europe. That is why so many millions of people from all across Europe (and the world) came to the USA in the late 1800s through after the 1940s and beyond. The search for freedom and capitalism over enslavement and socialism. The same ideals that daddy Barshevsky fought for in his covert operations, setting aside the Glaznost activities where he was probably boffing many of the gals beyond the iron curtain and hopefully not bringing home any STDs to mom. Query whether mom had already given herself to dad sexually before marriage such that his boffing of the locals would be an issue? Ellenwatch, was there ever any color on the topic of mom giving up her maidenhood to dad before he shipped off to points unknown?