Friday, October 18, 2013

I could NEVER marry a guy from BUDAPEST!

I guess this settels it: even if Igor and Oleg are prowling and pretending (to be related to Leyeh, that is), the plan does not have long-term payoff potential. If they were looking for green cards, say, in addition to tuchus. Ellen needs to come back to work and fill us in on everything else! 

I can't imageine how Ellen could ever look dumpy, regardless of shoes, but MP sets an extremely low bar and if he's raising questions about the Nike Air's then there may indeed be reason for concern. 

Some low shoe’s are OK, but what about NIKE Air’s? I walk to work with my Fitbit and Nike Air’s and those are the best! Of course, I can NOT go into a meeting with my Nike Air’s on, and the manageing partner thinks I look dumpy with a dress and Nike Air’s on. I am off work this week (YAY!) with the releatives and Willem! I have SO MUCH to tell the hive about the releative’s! They are so different that I now know that I could NEVER marry a guy from BUDAPEST! They may be OK for each other, but not for me. FOOEY!

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  1. I can't speak specifically to people from Budapest, but guys around Eastern Europe grope women with the best of them. Part of the macho persona that Spanierds typify. Not too much different from Gonzalo (a local porcine specimen)!