Sunday, October 6, 2013

HARDLEY what I would want nuzzeleing me at night

OK, but which day is Ellen's date with Willem to the Barclay's Center? I'm also wondering who is the other eligeible guy here...I assume it isn't Sam, since despite paternal nudging Ellen is done with him. That leaves Micheal, the judge's nephew. (Right?)

Oy! BE CARFUL of TECK guy’s that talk the talk! He could be OK and probabley is, but he MAY just want to have SEX (that, after all is how babie’s get here). My teck guy is ALWAYS stareing at me and makeing inuendo’s about the sexueal thing’s he has done, but he is fat, sloppy and has a dirty mustashe that has alot of very old food in it — HARDLEY what I would want nuzzeleing me at night (GROSS!)
I hope it work’s out but please be careful. I was duped by what men say, NOT what they do. Talk is cheep, dad says, and action speak’s louder then words.
Speakeing of which, Willem called to firm up the Barcleay’s thing. He will have a car get me at 4:00 pm, take me over to the Center where we will have dinner, then see the show, and he will take the car WITH me back to Manhattan, and drop me off by Midnite, then he will go HOME! DOUBEL YAY! Another gentelmen! Hardly like the Alan who got to drunk to see straight, let alone escort me home.
With all the wierdo’s roming Manhattan stabbing peeople and pushing people in front of car’s and panhandeling, I am happy I will NOT have to be by myself on the subway, or even in a Car with a guy eating sloppy food. UGH! For now, I have at least 2 eligeible guy’s! YAY!!!!!


  1. Ellen is right. Tech guys are pretty disgusting. If anyone knows differently, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.

  2. I agree. I would never have sex with a teck guy, unless he was Mark Zukkerberg. For that kind of money, I would put up with him.