Monday, October 21, 2013

I need to take some time away to regroup.

Is this a quiz or something? We know MP's nephew = Harold (as in "we are now concerned about Harold") so why is she being coy? 

Yes, know Ellen is the one who might have needed the refresher on his name. 

Thank's to SUSIE for an astute observation. It could be applied to a number of other Ellen motifs as well, but perhaps this one is trending. 

I love these boot’s, but perfer boots WITHOUT alot of tred on the bottom b/c I inevetibely step into alot of poop and do NOT like to have to soak my shoe’s or rub them off in a department store. FOOEY!
Myrna again brought up Sam b/c she did NOT think it was right for Willem to try and come up last week. She think’s Willem is realy interested in procreateing and wants me to get with him quickley b/f some other guy step’s in. I still can NOT get over Sam exposeing himself to us when he was weareing those short short’s. DOUBEL FOOEY! But that onley leave’s me with Roberta’s son and now the manageing partner’s nephew is makeing another play. I saw him yesterday at Shake Shack with his skateboard. I can NOT date a skater. I need to take some time away to regroup. YAY!!!!!
  • Is there really that much sh!t lying around NYC or is she just obsessed? Seems like we get at least one sh!t reference/week from her.


  1. Dog Poop is a problem in NYC, especially in the residential neighborhoods. Ellen must be encountering this close to home, as I do not recall ever seeing poop in mid-town.

  2. Shouldn't the SSGs actually be attracted to poop? After all, certain bugs and flys are!