Saturday, October 26, 2013

it onley cover’s over their smell and that mean’s you get 2 smells

Tesyaa has noted the further nostalgia associated with White Shoulders. Today thank you to Susie for pointing out an alternate goal that we should all keep in mind.

More pressingly, look out for Willem claiming to help Ellen loose weight the next time they go out! Walkeing her all the way home almost certainly means inviting himself in again, and the excuse she had last time for saying no cannot be re-used.  

My mother gave me some WHITE SHOULDER’S and on those FEW ocassion’s when I still need to use it, I do, b/c I normally do NOT use perfume at all. I think it is b/c Guy’s like to NUZZELL up to me and if I wear perfume, it ONLEY give’s them another excuse b/c they are alway’s saying “OOOH, I love your perfume. What is it?” So if I don’t wear it, they cannot do it. YAY!
You do have to stay very clean and shower EVERY day, so that you smell if at all, only like the SOAP you use. That is what I do. I use Safegard soap and I smell very little. Men need to bathe more often b/c they smell bad if they do not. I do not like the smell of the stuff they put on b/c it onley cover’s over their smell and that mean’s you get 2 smells, and 2 is NOT better than one. DOUBEL FOOEY!
I am goieng out tonite with Willem. He is stoppeing by at 5:30 and we are walkeing over to 3rd Avenue and we will find a place to eat. He then said he would walk me all the way home b/c I need to get into a size 0 by the end of the year and he PLEDGED to help in any way that he could. I am not sure wether this means’ I have a new walk buddy or not. We shall see. YAY!
  • Just remember, even if you don’t lose weight you can find a brand that runs larger and fit into that 0.

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  1. Willem is a cheezy character, and Ellen should heed her own instincts and not let him into her life. His pledge is totally transparent. He only wants to get Ellen alone, exhausted after a long walk, and to strike when she is most vulnerable. I say Dad is right. Get rid of this closet creep pronto!