Sunday, October 6, 2013

"how Bridget Jones would be if she were a lawyer."

A perennial conversation on Corporette. Welcome LHH--though with a different name--and thank's as always to my public pluggers. These threads never get old because there's always some new opinion about who Ellen is, the nature of her character, or the structure of her relationship to Kat. She's a true kaleidoscope: what you see all depends on perspecktive. YAY!!!

I’m new to the blog and I need to know more about this E**en character. The spelling? The caps? The TUCHUS! It is so funny!


  1. Kudos to EllenWatch! Masterful!

  2. These are some great posts that show how funny our own poor little Ellen can be. To some extent we all see a little of ourselves in her, and take some comfort that we are not the only ones with problems in our lives, be it on the job or with men. But we should just remember to say Fooey and Move on, right EllenWatch? YAY!!!!!

    1. This is what I think and have been telling my friends for months.