Tuesday, October 15, 2013

alot more things then right now

I'm back, restles's reader's. No need to put me on "double secret probation," as was just threatened. (By the way, which is secret--the probation or the secrecy thereof?) I'll say it again: if Vinnie or the Sunshine Girls think they can ELLENWatch better than ELLENWatch, let's see it! I will cheerfully yield my position to anybody who earns it away from me. 

(Also, thanks for posting in comments--I didn't need it this time but on other occasions I do.) 

I thought this word was spelled "booteak," but otherwise not much news below. 
If I do NOT become a JUDGE, after I have 2 kid’s I should be abel to work in house, mabye for a few year’s before I want to retire completely to a life of LEISURE! I can start working in house mabye 20 hours a week for a large salary b/c by then I will be a bona fide expert in alot more things then right now.
Working for a boutique firm as I do is not as glamourous as peeople seem to think. I have the same issues as every other woman. Men stareing at me, ooogleing my body and makeing comments, and that does not even cover peeople outside the office. If I were in house, I would onley have to deal with the CEO, the CFO and the HR person, mabye. I could come and go as I pleased and would have the prestige of an executive bathroom rather then using the hallway where the janitor’s stare at me and walk in on me when I am useing the toilet. FOOEY!
So for those who thought boutique law is so great, think again! YAY!!!!

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  1. I agree with Ellen. Men are PIGS, no matter where they work. We all must live with the ogling and the comments and the knowing glances and smirks from jerks intimating that they've been there and done that with us, when in fact we'd never get close enough to their privates to swat the crabs away, let alone get intimate with these losers! Big Firm/Small firm; it makes no difference. We are constantly objectified by men who think of us as little more than pleasure vehicles for their sexual egos. This kind of slovenly behavior should never be tolerated, especially in a small firm environment. Frank is particularly odious, as a married man who should know better. I really don't know why Ellen does not slam him sometimes.