Wednesday, October 23, 2013

[The Sunshine Girls go Out to Dinner]

Sometime's I think I'm being tested.

SSG, would you be more forthcoming here about this outing? 15-18 people is alot; did you allow men to join you? Are you expecting Ellen or Myrna and Sam, post-work? Let me know how this goe's. 

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a mid-priced eclectic restaurant in mid-town Manhattan where 15-18 people are able to order off the menu and still get in and out within 90 minutes (with dessert and coffee) We do not want to go for the standard 3 choice bland menu of chicken, fish or meat alternatives, but do not want to have to sit and wait F O R E V E R!
  • Anonymous :
    I think your ask is pretty much impossible with regards to the time constraint + large group + eclectic.
  • Is this for something like a pre-theater dinner? Would the group go for Mexican? Toloache on 50th might work.

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  1. I would never go out with these women. I don't know where they could even muster up another dozen women, either. I can only imagine 15 of these women all together. A real fish fry, but not for me, thank you very much, Ellenwatch. Unless Ellen is there for me, I will politely decline said invitation.