Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I alway’s thought Mark Zuckerman was cute

She never does quite get the names right on major public figures. But I guess looking up the correct spelling of any regular word would be just as straightforward as "Zuckerberg," and if she couldn't do the former we shouldn't expect the latter. Furthermore, misunderstanding about The Social Network continues. Ellen and her aliases have always seemed to confuse real life with this movie, and here (highlight) she also suggests that Zuckerberg made it himself. 

For those who missed this post in context, the date she's angling for here is with a Corporette commenter's brother. The offer was still out there unanswered as of last time I checked (but who wouldn't want to set her sibling up with Ellen?) 

Finally, the almost-missable "burp" remark at the bottom is...still...a reference to Alan. Seems like he had a lot of extra stomach gas, perhaps from carbonated alcohol, that came all the way to bed with him. Ellen still isn't over it, any more than she's over anything about Alan. Le sigh, as some Corporettes might say.

Yay Cat! I love the leather bag! And very FRUEGEL!
As for the OP, He sound’s to be about MY age and has prospects. Is he MARRIED? If he want’s to meet a nice girl, I know JUST the person for him, but he would HAVE to work in NYC or LI, b/c that is where I want to be. Right now, I am haveing to deal with guy’s who are NOT as ambitius as he sound’s. I would mabye support him workeing in house for a start-up if the company was sure to be doeing an IPO. I alway’s thought Mark Zuckerman was cute, and I did NOT even know that he is worth over 2.3Billion dollars! Can you imagine how wonderful life would be having the run of the Zuckerman household? My dad says that Mark’s father was a dentist in NY and advertized in the Pennysaver. Dad says that old man Zuckerman probabley drilled his last tooth the day his son made that movie! YAY!!!!
Now I do NOT demand your brother be as smart of rich as Zuckerman, but he should be abel to support me and our children. He must respect me and give me the oportunity to work (but NOT require that I work after he IPO’s his company. If he want’s I could meet him some where and he could interview me and I could interview him. No string’s attached. He should know that I am a good girl and do NOT sleep with men any more until I am at least engaged. That is Willem’s shortcomeing. He is over 40 and evidenteley guys that age seem to demand sex very early in a relationeship b/c they do NOT want to spend money on a woman unless they are comfortabel having her have sex with him without any clotheing on. FOOEY! My dad says I should NOT sleep with men like Willem b/c they will ONLY walk away and burp but NOT marry me. I agree. YAY!!!!!

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  1. I think she may be confusing the person with the person in the movie. But they do look somewhat alike, and I also really liked the movie. Also, I tend to think that guys with money look better to women than guys without money, although someone who is disgusting will continue to be so even if he has a large bank account. I don't think Ellen would go for someone objectively disgusting with a wad of cash, unless he had an excellent personality. I think even Ellenwatch should agree with that.