Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NAKED on my finger’s

I'd prefer to call it YOU not talkeing to HIM these day's, Ellen! Dad is such a doosh, and truly he doesn't need any more powers attributed to him even in our makebelieveland. 

I dry clean everything other then my underpant’s and bra’s b/c the cleaneing lady shrink’s stuff that is supposedly NON-SHRINKEABLE!
As for these ring’s, I am HOLDEING OUT FOR a DIMOND, and no other ring will be on my finger. I want to make clear to ALL eligeible men that I am availabel, and some times, if peeople have alot of ring’s on their finger’s, men (who are not the smartest), think a person is TAKEN, if not MARRIED, if they have a ring on their finger’s, even if it is ON OTHER FINGER’s!
At my age, I can’t afford to loose a guy to such confusion, so I am NAKED on my finger’s. All I wear is a bracelet that dad gave me from when he went to Europe. He said he was goeing to give it to mom, but gave her the dimond instead. I almost asked him whether he ever thought of giving it to one of the GLAZZNOST Girls that the Square Headed Guy from Langley talked about!!!!!! Mabye I will ask him in front of Mom, since he is NOT talkeing to me these day’s! FOOEY!


  1. If I were able to get Ellen back to my apartment (or hers) and then was able to get her naked, you can probably figure out what I'd be doing with my fingers!

    1. VJK should not be permitted near Ellen. This is precisely the kind of guy that will use her, then abuse her. Didn't Allen do that? He sure did and now Ellen may well find herself falling for a smooth talker like this. The last thing she needs is this guy's fingers anywhere near her. Who knows where those fingers (and the rest of him) has been. Disgusting Male Pig!