Sunday, October 6, 2013

alot of hurdel’s to jump over

First highlight: Ellen's reminding us of the classic exchange she had with MP in which she asked for a raise and he offered her something else instead. Paragraph 3, in turn, seems like a reference to the SATC moment when Miranda get's shafted for being too high-achieving (surely she would have been a favorite Corporette if the character and the blog ever overlapped). Like the tie-in with fooeying Dad.

I also love these shoe’s! I just showed them to the manageing partner and b/c they are so expensive, he agreed to BUY one pair for ME and one for Margie, and NOT even out of my clotheing allowance!!!! YAY!!!! The manageing partner used to want to give me her old shoe’s but Margie has BUNNION’s! FOOEY! I think he is so nice b/c he want’s me to wear them in court with my FIRE ENGINE RED SUIT and RED LIPSTICK — he knows is freind the the judge LOVES me in RED and BLACK, but this will be for my RED DAY! YAY!!!!!
I got to text’s from Willem and one from Micheal. Micheal wants to meet me this weekend, but I have been neglecting MYRNA, so I told Micheal I would ask Myrna first, and he said she could come also if we did something. He has to work the deli on Saturday, but is off Sunday, so it has to be Sunday with him. I told him I would text him AFTER I asked Myrna. We were suposed to go walkeing with Roberta in Riverdell, but the weather is suposed to be stinkey, and I do NOT want to get my NIKE shoe’s wet again.
At lunch, a guy stopped me on 5th Avenue and asked me if I was a model. I smiled and said in my dream’s mabye, but I was a lawyer. When I told him that, he skowled and walked away. We lady lawyer’s have alot of hurdel’s to jump over — men do NOT like women who are smart. They want dumm model type’s who will just agree with whatever they say. FOOEY b/c I have a brain and a personalty of myOWN! I REFUSE to be SUBJUEGATED to a MAN’s wishe’s and desire’s. I want a man who will ask ME what do I want to do, and what do I think about something. Men just want to tell us women everything and we are suposed to accept it JUST b/c they are MEN? FOOEY on that! I am standeing up to men who want to control me. Even Dad has to learn that I am in charge of MY OWN DESTENY! YAY!!!!!!


  1. It is great that Ellen is standing up for herself and knows now she can only get so far by being a "yes gal" because most men only use women and will not support them unless they are getting more out of it, be it at work or in bed. She clearly should not lower herself to be beneath any guy.

  2. I wonder if Ellen is really as pretty as men say. She must be otherwise she'd never have been made partner.