Monday, October 28, 2013

Polish Spring water

More specific's on Dad's control over Ellen's finances. Gotta love Ellen's huffiness that non-JD Dad has power of attorney over Ellen Esq! The nerve/the incomprehension. She must have actively granted such power at some point, though--any memory of that, EB?

Further down, Willem predictably has revealed himself, once and for all, as not quite the dignitary we were hopeing for. I enjoy Ellen's careful note that the beverage he came upstairs for was innocent, where nothing else about the maneuver was, right down to elevator conduct. Sunshine Girls and real readers, do you believe he can actually behave himself until further notice from Ellen? I wouldn't be surprised if he never calls again (but no spoilers! I haven't read her next post yet).

Yay! Non-Fruegel Monday’s! I love pricey Monday’s. I laughed when someone said this look’s like Morticia Adam’s. When I was a littel girl, I loved watching the Adam’s Family on TV and alway’s thought she was so svelte! I wonder if she is still as curvey. Mom says yes.
Anyway, as for the OP, I have the opossite probelem. When Rosa come’s into town, she NEVER has an issue spendeing b/c Ed does not badger her about money the way Dad does with me. Ed just pay’s the credit card bills no matter what charge’s are made b/c he trusts that Rosa will not buy anything to stupid. Me, on the other hand, has to deal with Dad, who review’s EVERY charge, and has me on a special credit hold with the bank — he is the one with power of attorney, even tho he is not even an attorney (and I am). So when I hit the monthley spendeing limit, everything is also cut off. FOOEY!
When Rosa came to visit a coupel of week’s ago, we went out and she must have spent $2500 on her and the kid’s at Lord and Taylor’s and Sak’s and Macy’s and Bloomie’s. She had them send everything to Chapaqua so she did NOT have to carry it. I have to carry everything, but the extra exercize is good for my tuchus Dad says. I have been walkeing with my fitbit, and Willem helped. We ate out and he walked me all the way home last week. He did come up for a drink (of Polish Spring water), and then left, but he did act a littel frisky, b/c he kind of grabbed my tuchus in the elevator, but said he was brusheing off what he said was a bug. FOOEY! I told him I do NOT fool around and he was disapointed. He still want’s to “see me” but I told him not if he doe’s that. He agreed he would keep his hand’s to himself unless I invited him to. YAY!!!!!

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  1. Willem is clearly a pig, trying to exploit the younger and naive Ellen much in the same way as Sam--though he has yet to bare his wanker to her, which was clearly inexcusable. The fact that Willem is a banker should send up a red flag. I've never met a banker who does not want to pollinate with younger women, particularly smart and attractive women like Ellen. But I resist the temptation, because experience has taught me over the years that men will literally say and do anything to taste of our fruit, and we must be ever vigilant to recognize a phony line or deed before unwittingly giving of ourselves to these pigs. I'll bet a dollar to doughnuts that if Willem is successful in bedding Ellen, he will soon disappear from the scene. Like I said, a real pig.