Saturday, October 19, 2013

except mabye as a GOALEE

So Igor is overweight, and Willem think's rules can be bended to get into Ellen's apartment on their first date even when she has snoring Hungarians upstairs. (Sounds to me like this was the only reason they stayed with Ellen that night--yes?)

I would have expected more fooeying about this, but instead Ellen apparently gestures to a next time. I wonder what Willem is doing right, other than spending money. His colleeegues' editorialization makes it sound like he's no looker...

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s!!! I love fruegel friday’s, and this fruegel dress! I also think the dress would look GREAT with PUMP’s, even in the winter! Great find, Cat!
Last nite, Willem had a limo pick me up and take me to a resturant on the Water in Brooklyn, where his company had a nice dinner. Alot of the guy’s thought that I was Willem’s wife b/c he is older and I look like someone he would be MARRIED to. One guy said that Willem realy upgraded, and that women like me were “OUT OF HIS LEEGUE!” which dad said is a complement!
So the limo took Willem and me to Barcleay’s and we saw the Net’s game and the Net’s won! We had a luxuray box and there was alot more food and wine and cheeze and desert’s! YUMMY! I also saw LABRONN JAMES play. He was VERY impressive and Willem asked me if I wanted a shirt with his autograph that his firm got for him. I said I did NOT want a shirt, but he could keep it. After the game, Willem drove me back in the limo and it was a good thing I listened to dad and had the relative’s sleep over last nite, b/c Willem wanted to come in afterward’s. I told him about my relative’s from Budapest sleepeing over so he could NOT come up. I think he thought he could but I told him some other time, MABYE.
This morning, I have to go with Igor and Oleg to Rockefeller Center, where we are goieng up to the TOP OF THE ROCK. I was goieng to ask them if they wanted to go to the Empire State Buildeing, but that is to close to work and I do NOT want to go to work today b/c it is so nice out. Beside’s, the manageing partner does not like to see me in causual clothe’s. He insist’s I wear nice dresse’s and pump’s. He does not even like me in FLAT’s! He is so silly b/c he also make’s MARGIE dress up all the time, even around the house!
Anyway, Igor is getteing testy b/c he also want’s to go ice skateing today. He saw peeople Ice Skateing on the Today show, so now he want’s to show off. He claim’s he was once on the Budapest Olympic Hockey team. It must be along time ago b/c he does not look like he could play hockey now, except mabye as a GOALEE. YAY!!!!!


  1. Willem is a pig. Imagine him trying for a piece after taking Ellen to a firm-sponsored event. They even paid for the shirt he offered to Ellen, in addition to the dinner and luxury box and limo! He should not expect a quid pro quo from her and I agree Ellen was smart to have the Hungry Hungarians guarding her from this marauding spaz from a second rate bank looking for a pipe cleaning. I say FOOEY to that also!

  2. Everyone is a pig to the so called sunshine girls if they are interested in going out with a female attorney. They give me a Lot of grief at the firm and have poisoned my reputation with both the new lawyers and paralegals merely because I'm looking for a little harmless fun.

    What is the great sin, I ask, in pursuing a woman for fun? Need marriage be the only permissible agenda? What ever happened to simple mutual desire for short-term fun? Evidently it's OK for women to do it, but a cardinal sin if Vinnie wants in on the fun. Ei don't suppose Ellen watch would see my side, but I thought I would at least ask for her point of view as I slave away at work on a Sunday afternoon rather than watching football.

    1. Yes, I am here to mediate between you and your female coworkers, and since you all still read me I infer that I'm doing ok at it. You certainly do have the right to pursue tuchus, and I wish you the best of it. I believe SSG is more offended by your comments that they are old used-up hags with no prayer of bagging husbands in this lifetime.