Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I can only handel one banker at a time.

Really? I don't see any reason not to alternate date's between Willem and Sam, if they're actually both in the running. Time's a-wastin' given that Ellen has been almost 35 years old for 7 years and counting.

I agree with these thought’s and have to post them in my office b/c they apply to a certain EXTENT to the depo’s that I do. I recently posted about some special thing’s I learned about how to handel the plaintiff’s and their council, and these are even better! YAY! I like the one about looking awake, and my rule is even better. Put them on edge so that they get distracted. It is alot like when you are giveing a speech, to think that every one in the room is actueally NAKED (even tho they are NOT).
The manageing partner is giveing another CLE on the Antitrust Law, and he asked me to dust off my PowerPoint Slide’s from last year. I made the corection’s but NOW need to update them for the Supreme Court cases decided in DC since last year on Antitrust. I will GOOGLE them but if anyone in the HIVE is an antitrust EXPERT, let me know so I do NOT miss any case’s! YAY!
SAM, of all peeople called. I think Myrna put him up to it b/c she thought Willem was tryeing to get a cheap shot in with me. I was very cordial, but am VERY hesiteant to start anything up with him again, b/c he can be VERY posessive. FOOEY! I have to give WILLEM a shot, and if he strike’s out, fine, then Sam can try again, but not yet…..Doubel Fooey! I can only handel one banker at a time. YAY!!!!!!

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  1. Ellenwatch, thank you for your permission to pursue tuchus. As for Ellen, how about a banker and a lawyer? I am the lawyer that can chase the bankers out of your life forever.

    At this point I am without any other tuchus to pursue, hence I am focused solely on Ellen. My coworkers have made life tough for me just because I do not view them as worth pursuing. And yes, their tuchuses are far from ideal, even for partners 20 years older than them! So it is not just me that views them as undesirable. Ellen may still be worth it, so I am hoping you will help me out somehow, if you can put in a good word for me.