Wednesday, October 23, 2013

cool as a Kukeumbar

This first sentence may be the most reliable asset in Ellen's spelleing repertoire. Still, I'd be surprised if we never saw "TEIM" or some such, especially after Dad moves to North Carolina where his wisdom is not so easily accessed. 

My father alway’s tell’s me there is NO “I” in the word “team”. So that mean’s that we on the team, as MEMBER’s, Have to work together if we are to suceed. I would give them more time to settel in with you b/c it takes time for a team to learn how to work together. Beside’s, you have JUST had a baby (YAY!), and you should remember that your hormone’s are still rageing and will NOT settel down for a while. Also, being in a new place with HUSBAND and BABY can be a little unerveing — I know it would be for me and I usualy am cool as a Kukeumbar, according to the manageing partner, that is. So relax, take it easy and you will do well. And if after mabye a year you still don’t GELL with the team, you can start to look for another job. But for now, remember, RELAX (if you can) !!!!! YAY!!!!


  1. Today 10/24 she mentions the perfume White Shoulders. The last I heard of White Shoulders it was in one of those Judy Blume books I read as a tween.

  2. I don't know a thing about this, but if she has nice shoulders that are white, count me in!