Tuesday, October 15, 2013

they think I am NOT attaineable

One can never have enough background about Alan; he's such a crucial character. And while we already knew that he has a red face and fat neck, tending toward the sweatie and burpie as well, this is the first I have heard that he's short too! Ellen has said she's 5'5", so if he's even shorter than she is it's probably a pretty distinctive part of his look. Good thing he was such a charmer (when sober, at least). 

Alan supporters, does this affect your view at all?

Yay! Open thread’s. I love open thread’s!!!
As for the OP, I have a great story about Alan. When I first met Alan, I was surprised by how bold he was. Most guys are a little shy to aproach me and talk to me, b/c they think I am NOT attaineable. Alan, who is a short guy, was very bold, even tho he was kind of schlumpey. He came right up to me and asked me out. I did NOT know how to take it, so I just said OK. I said he would need to be cleared by Dad first, so I told him he would have to meet Dad at my old apartement.
When I told Dad about him, Dad did Not like the thought of me going out with a guy who was shorter then me (not to mention schlumpey). So when he met him, I think Alan must have said something good, b/c all of a sudden, a short schlumpey guy became an eligible batchelor that Dad needed to mold in order to be my HUSBAND. I think Dad was even more disapointed then me when we discovered Alan became alchoholic and perfered the bottel over me, but let me tell you, it was NOT dificult for him to engreatiate himself with the family. He knew all the lines and said all the right thing’s. It was ONLEY b/c he was with the bottel that I finaly had to say “NO MAS” to him.
So for the OP, just make sure that if he is tryeing to make a good impression with your Cajun releatives, that he do some reading up on stuff they like; presumably they will want to hear that he like’s spicey food and gumbo and other thing’s that y’all eat down there. You should already have tuned him into this stuff. Make sure he does NOT play up NYCity or play down Louisiana, b/c those would be deal breaker’s for the releationship.
I wish I had a guy now that I could bring home to the family but the picking’s are not as good for me, but we will have to see with the 3 guy’s I now am considering to be MY husband. YAY!!!!!!

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  1. Alan sounds gross. If only Ellen did not lead with her heart, but her head, he never would have had the opportunity to defile her and she would not have been so hung up on what is objectively a complete loser, so as to lose out on other male opportunities during her prime mating years. I fear that Ellen has tarried too long and neglected to marry and procreate, with the career being held paramount, probably by dad. From what it sounds, she could have had her pick of the litter in college, but wasted her time going to law school where most guys were simply too self centered for her. I hope she gets her man now, as well as the $50,000 from her grandmother.